Best quiet gaming keyboard in 2024 from wireless to budget, mechanical & more

Best quiet gaming keyboard in 2024 from wireless to budget, mechanical & more
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If you're hunting for a new quiet gaming keyboard in 2024, you're in the right place, as we've cultivated a list of the best models that offer a premium experience - without emitting incessant clicking.

This is especially important if you share a space with others or if you suffer from audio sensitivity and need hardware to offer a quieter experience.

Among the thousands of keyboards on the market, we've selected top picks that include a range of features, from budget to high-end, catering for as many people as possible.

How we chose the best quiet gaming keyboards

 Whether you're old-school, looking for a complete kit, or would rather go for a compact design to save desk space and avoid bad cable management, we've prioritised a wide variety of models.

Alternatively, if you're a hobbyist and would rather customise your own keyboard, we've also covered the best silent keyboard switches on the market at the moment.

Image showing some of the best quiet gaming keyboards
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We've got several different sizes, colours, and features for you to choose from, so there's bound to be something for you here.

Best compact quiet gaming keyboard

Keychron K5 Pro

the Keychron K5 Pro gaming keyboard
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Image via Keychron

Keychron has certainly made a name for itself as the bridge between consumer and enthusiast keyboards, offering near-custom-build performance at a fantastic price point. With the K5, you're getting the K Pro Red switches, emerging as one of the best keyboards for those looking for a quieter experience.

One of the biggest reasons why Keychron keyboards are so great is because of their build quality, as each board includes sound-absorbing foam and silicone pads underneath the PCB to remove any harsh pings or hollow thuds.

Furthermore, the K5 Pro in particular is especially excellent for gaming as its smaller 65% size gives you far more room on your desk, allowing you to pull off those larger-than-life flicks in games like CS:GO or VALORANT.

Best high-end quiet gaming keyboard

Logitech MX

Image of the Logitech MX keyboard
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Image via Logitech

Another top-tier option comes from the ever-excellent Logitech brand with the MX keyboard. As opposed to the standard silent linear mechanical switches, this board employs quiet tactile switches which give you an excellent typing feel without compromising on the noise.

What also helps the Logitech MX become one of the best quiet gaming keyboards is its low profile design, which reduces the travel distance of each switch compared to a standard board. This will reduce the frequency of hard presses, and overall feel far lighter if that's what you're looking for.

There is also a choice between full-size and compact 65% designs depending on what works best for you, giving you so many options to create your ideal silent setup. If you still aren't convinced though, make sure to check out our glowing Logitech MX review.

Best all-rounder quiet gaming keyboard

Akko 3098B

An image of the Akko 3098B keyboard
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Image via Akko

If you're looking for something quiet that still speaks volumes with its design, then the Akko 3098B will be the perfect choice for you. Featuring many different colourways - with the Ocean Star blue being our personal favourite, this board gives you a full-size mechanical design.

Perhaps the star of the show here is the included Akko CS Crystal switches, which give an excellent linear feel with very little noise - perfect for anyone looking for the best quiet gaming keyboard. They also perform very well without any additional lubing, so no need to worry about deconstructing the board if you're not comfortable with that either.

Much like the Keychron, you are also getting noise reduction foam and a silicone pad sandwiching the PCP, which are crucial to minimising unpleasant and unnecessary sounds.

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Best RGB quiet gaming keyboard

Fnatic miniSTREAK

Image of the Fnatic miniSTREAK keyboard
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Image via Fnatic

Any RGB lovers out there will not be able to resist the Fnatic miniSTREAK, as it provides a silent gaming experience while also maintaining the flash of your colourful setup.

Complete with MX Cherry Silent Red switches, you'll be free of any clacking or clickiness that people tend to typically associate with mechanical boards. Furthermore, these switches are ideal for gaming too, as they have low actuation points, allowing your inputs to be registered quicker for those millisecond reaction moments.

It is also one of our favourite sizes, opting for a 75% layout that gets all that you need into a relatively small frame, including plenty of media controls. All in all, the miniSTREAK is definitely one of the best quiet gaming keyboards out there.

Best budget quiet gaming keyboard

HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Image of the HyperX Alloy Core RGB keyboard
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Image via HyperX

Our final pick for the best quiet gaming keyboard is perfect for anyone on a budget, as the HyperX Alloy Core RGB is usually priced below $50. With this lower price point, you are only getting a membrane design as opposed to a mechanical one, but some people actually prefer this, and it certainly leads to a quieter experience.

However, the HyperX Alloy Core is still kitted out with great features, like dedicated media controls, excellent RGB options, and, of course, a quiet typing experience. If you're not quite looking to splash the cash on a mechanical board, or just prefer the squishier feeling of a membrane, then the HyperX Alloy Core RBG will be perfect for you.

What is the best silent switch for gaming in 2024?

Gateron Black Ink v2

Image of the Gateron Black Ink v2 mechanical keyboard switches
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Image via Gateron

If you've picked up a barebones keyboard, or are just looking to upgrade your own setup with the best silent switch, then opting for the Gateron Black Ink v2 is by far the top choice.

The Black Inks have gained a reputation for their sound within the keyboard community, offering the smoothness of a linear without any of the annoying clack that tactile, clicky, or lower-quality switches might have.

While they are still excellent in their stock configuration, the Black Ink v2s really come to life (if that is not an oxymoron) when lubed, as they become even smoother and produce less noise.

The price will depend on how many switches you need for your current board size, but the investment is well worth it and you certainly won't look back once you start typing or gaming for the first time.

 Now that you know the best keyboards for a quieter gaming experience, check out our hardware and lists pages for more guides. Otherwise, take a look at our top picks for wireless gaming mice, the best wireless gaming headsets, and 1440p gaming monitors.

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