5 best 2TB M.2 SSDs to buy in 2023 for RGB, budget, high endurance & more

5 best 2TB M.2 SSDs to buy in 2023 for RGB, budget, high endurance & more
Images via Silicon Power | ADATA

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6th Nov 2023 11:15


If you're looking to expand your PC storage with a shiny new M.2 SSD, we've curated some of the best 2TB options that are currently available on the market right here, regardless of whether you're hunting for RGB options, budget-friendly models, high endurance, or even those with great read/write speeds.

With many of this year's gaming releases being the most recent example that titles are getting even bigger, from Armored Core 6 to Baldur's Gate 3 and Starfield, hardware with larger storage capabilities to make room for them all is an absolute must.

No matter what sort of model you're after to fit just right into your pre-built or custom PC set-up, we've got you covered.

If it's a PlayStation 5's storage you're looking to expand, take a look at the best external SSDs for PS5

How we choose the best 2TB M.2 SSDs

Screenshot of different 2TB M2 SSds
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Image via Corsair | Western Digital | Adata | Samsung

While on the search for 2TB M.2 SSDs, we looked at both SATA and NVMe-based SSDs, which are different types that offer different storage technologies.

Although most PC builders agree that NVMe-based SSDs tend to be faster both in gaming load times and transfer speeds, older systems may not support them.

Before you take the plunge and buy an SSD on the list, make sure you have a motherboard that supports an M.2 slot as it will otherwise be incompatible.

SATA SSDs need two cables to run, meaning cable management is also a factor to consider. However, they do tend to offer a more affordable solution and are still a valid option for gamers less bothered about achieving the best possible speeds.

The optimum set-up may be one of each - a SATA for your less power-consuming files, and an NVMe for your gaming storage and operating system.

Best RGB 2TB M.2 SSD


Image of the ADATA XPG SPECTRIX S40G, one of the best 2TB M.2 SSDs
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Image via Adata

Key features:

  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Supports the NVMe standard
  • Read/write speeds of up to 3500/3000 MB/s
  • Supports the latest Intel and AMD platforms

The Adata XPG Spectrix is an NVMe-based SSD that boasts a high read/write performance and comes in various storage options from 256GB up to a maximum of 2TB.

For a bonus, if you're a gamer who loves a flashier set-up the SSD has RBG settings, with various colour profiles you can set.

This, of course, will only benefit gamers who have see-through cases or an open rig. By utilising RBG profiles set using a separate program, however, you'll be able to complement any RGB cases to make your set-up feel truly your own.

Best budget 2TB M.2 SSD

Silicon Power 2TB Gen3

Image of the Silicon Power 2TB Gen3
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Image via SP Silicon Power

Key features:

  • NVMe standard
  • Compatible with laptops
  • Read speeds up to 3,400 MB/s
  • Write speeds up to 3,000 MB/s,

Considering the Silicon Power Gen3 is an NVMe model, it offers a surprisingly affordable SSD solution while delivering a solid read/write speed.

With various storage sizing options, the SSD offers a mid-range performance at a lower cost than other SSDs of its type on the market.

Weighing in at just 8 grams, the SSD is compatible with most laptops including notebooks and can power through the most intensive applications and games.

Best 2TB M.2 SSD for gaming

Corsair MP600 PRO LPX

Image of the Corsair MP600 PRO LPX
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Image via Corsair

Key features:

  • Storage of up to 4 TB
  • Up to 7,100 MB/s read speed
  • Up to 6,800 MB/s write speed
  • PS5 compatible

The Corsair MP600 PRO LPX is built for gaming in mind. With versions reaching a whopping 4TB storage capacity, the SSD is compatible with current-gen PS5s and has an aluminium heat spreader coating to protect it from overheating during long gaming hours.

The Corsair MP600 also has fast read/write speeds allowing you to load large game files much faster than other SSDs on the market.

Best high-endurance 2TB M.2 SSD

Samsung 990 PRO

The Samsung 990 Pro, one of the best M.2 2TD SSDs
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Image via Samsung

Key features:

  • PS5 compatible
  • Up to 7,450MB/s read speed
  • Up to 6,900MB/s write speed
  • Smart thermal control

Regarded as "the champion maker" the Samsung 990 PRO is one of the finest 2TB M.2 SSDs you can find in 2023, not just because of its durability, but due to its power as well. 

Along with fantastic smart thermal control via Samsung's nickel-coated high-end controller for high endurance, the 990 PRO has the fastest read and write speeds we've found so far for this type of SSD. 

Such premium capabilities definitely put the Samsung 990 PRO on the higher end of SSD price points, but you get what you pay in stunning results when playing on either PC or PS5.

What is the best 2TB M.2 SSD to buy in 2023?

WD Black SN850X NVMe SSD

Image of the WD Black SN850X NVMe SSD
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Image via Western Digital

Key features

  • Can get up to 4TB
  • Read/write speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s
  • RBG settings
  • Optional heatsink version for performance
  • Shorter load times

The Black SN850X NVMe SSD is still one of the top-performing models on the market currently, with impressive read/write speeds and storage capabilities of up to 4TB.

The SSD also has a heatsink to help maintain performance during intense or long hours of gaming and a load prediction feature to take you smoothly into your gaming experience right away, which is particularly enjoyable if you like to immerse yourself in large open-world games.

As a result, you'll experience minimal lagging, especially important if you play FPSs or fighting games.

Although not the absolute fastest M.2 SSD on the market, the SN850X is a perfect balance of everything you could need in an SSD - from RBG capabilities to quick read & write speeds ideal for gaming, and all for a decent price. It's perfect to complete both the look and function of your gaming set-up.


If you want to try to alternative to internal, check out the best external SSDs for gaming. For more on gaming's latest and greatest tech, make sure to check out our hardware homepage.

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