5 best CPU air coolers in 2023: Budget & high-end

5 best CPU air coolers in 2023: Budget & high-end
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19th Sep 2023 12:01


We’ve broken down the 5 best CPU air coolers that you can buy in 2023, for those who are working on a budget, to the ones who are looking for something a little more high-end. We’ve got you covered.

A good CPU air cooler can make all the difference when building or repairing your PC, so you’ll want to consider some of these options, as they are essential hardware components.

Here, we’ve broken down some of our picks for the best CPU air coolers that will give you all the cooling you need, whatever the occasion – so read on for more information.

How we chose the best CPU air coolers

A selection of CPU Coolers
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While selecting a CPU air cooler might seem like a daunting task at first, it soon becomes clear what you need depending on your gaming situation.

In compiling this list, we took quality and cost into consideration, so that you can find a CPU air cooler that will have longevity, work consistently and is cost-effective if you should need to find one at a moment’s notice.

Great CPU air coolers in 2023

The Amazon Basics CPU Cooler
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Image via Amazon

Amazon Basics Computer Cooling Fan

Kicking off our list of the best CPU air coolers we have the humble Amazon Basics. While probably not the most powerful or optimal for long-haul PC gaming, it certainly makes for a great and affordable choice or backup when you’re in a pinch.

With a quiet fan and a compact form, the Amazon Basics fan also has four heat pipes to help encourage reliable heat dissipation, as well as some limited colour effects to help enhance appearance.

Vetroo V5 CPU Air Cooler

The Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler
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Image via Vetroo

Moving up the price bracket slightly is the Vetroo V5 CPU Air Cooler, which once again offers low fan noise, with the inclusion of rubber vibration pads to help enhance airflow and reduce noise.

This model includes 5 direct-contact heat pipes to also encourage heat dissipation and improve thermal conductivity. At a compact size, it will be easy to fit with most PCs and maintain a sleek look as well.

Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M

The Cooler Master CPU Cooler
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Image via Cooler Master

As we move into the pricier range, the Cooler Master is a powerful unit and a large one at that. With a dual tower heatsink, it covers a huge surface area, with even heat dissipation from its 6-pipe formation.

Despite its size, however, it can be customised with lighting, providing unique effects and colours with the included controller. Additionally, it boasts easy installation and mounting. While it may not be the quietest CPU air cooler on the market, there is no doubt that it will get the job done effectively.

Deepcool AS500 Plus

The Deepcool AS500 Plus CPU Cooler
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Image via Deepcool

In terms of price and power, we found that the Deepcool seemed the most effective for gamers on a budget but in need of that extra bit of assistance in their cooling. Fitting somewhere nicely in the middle, the Deepcool is one of the more flexible CPU air coolers you can pick up, with a slim 48mm heatsink.

While may not have much by way of aesthetic customization beyond the small amount of customizable under glow, it makes up for its ineffective cooling power and support.

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What is the best CPU cooler in 2023?

The Corsair CPU Cooler, one of the best CPU Coolers you can buy
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Image via Corsair

Corsair iCUE H140i Elite

The highest price on this list, but for a reason. The Corsair iCUE is one of the most dynamic CPU coolers on the market, boasting both power and visual aesthetics that will complete a PC build. Its LCD can be personalized to your system’s needs with a diverse selection of colours and themes.

In terms of what the unit provides, it is an exceptionally powerful unit, with low noise and perhaps the most powerful on this list, with a fan speed of up to 2100 RPM. While its price point may be on the steep side, it is certainly worth it for the quality, and that is why we have made it our selection for the best CPU cooler.

That’s everything you need to get started with some of the best CPU air coolers you can pick up this year. There are plenty of hardware choices that you can make to improve your gaming setup, and this is just one of them. You can also check out some of the best reclining gaming chairs to pick up this year so you can game in comfort and style.

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