5 best Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch: Scarlet & Violet, New Pokemon Snap, remakes & more

5 best Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch: Scarlet & Violet, New Pokemon Snap, remakes & more
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5th Jul 2023 15:00


Pokemon is a staple of any Nintendo console, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. With an array of spin-offs, remakes and two significant entries in the mainline series, the Switch’s Pokemon library is second to none, and sports some of the best Pokemon titles.

So, we’re breaking down five of the best Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch that you should consider adding to your backlog or dive right into like a Magikarp falling from a waterfall – so read on.

What are the best Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch?

New Pokemon Snap

Key Art of New Pokemon Snap featuring Meganium, Pichu, Scorbunny, Grookey and more on the cover
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As spin-offs and sequels go, New Pokemon Snap hits all the right notes. With the original title being an undisputed classic on the Nintendo 64, a follow-up was highly anticipated. And boy did it deliver.

Rather than catching Pokemon and engaging them in battle, you’re snapping their pictures as you drive along a set course during various environmental scenarios. From deserts during the day to forests at night and everything in between. With every run through the courses, you’ll find new ways to coax wild Pokemon out for some incredible shots, with the promise of spotting a legendary or two along the way.

With some of the most breath-taking visuals the series has ever had, you’ll want to savour every moment in the Lental region and take plenty of photos like a real Pokemon Tourist.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A stunning Lechonk that can be found in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
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The latest mainline entry in the series, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet attempts to change up the traditional formula by opening the world and giving you multiple ways to play. Whether you want the traditional gym challenge or focus on stopping the mischievous Team Star, the world is your Cloyster and free to explore. As someone who played a Lechonk-only run, I can assure you there is a playstyle for everyone.

Despite some of the more technical issues, Scarlet & Violet are some of the most intricate games to date, and with two sets of DLC on the way, they’re only going to grow. With the promise of new locations, events and Pokemon themselves, there is going to be plenty to sink your teeth into.

Pokkén Tournament DX

Machamp as it appears in Pokken Tournament DX
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If you’ve ever wanted to play as the Pokemon themselves and experience a battle first-hand, then Pokkén Tournament DX is undoubtedly the way to do so. Combining Tekken with Pokemon may not immediately seem like the most conventional combination, but the combat mechanics speak for themselves.

Allowing players to choose from traditional fighting types like Machamp to some of the more unexpected like Chandelure, the streamlined roster allows players the chance to train up their Pokemon and practise intricate button combinations like your traditional fighting title.

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Let’s Go Pikachu

Eevee dressed up in Pokémon Let's Go: Eevee & Pikachu
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For players wanting to experience a more interactive approach to the first generation of Pokemon, Let’s Go Eevee & Let’s Go Pikachu provides just that. Sporting revamped visuals and opting to have Pokemon visually roaming around the catch areas, players can catch to their heart’s content with their respective companions: Pikachu or Eevee.

By tweaking the traditional formula ever so slightly, this makes for a fantastic first entry into the series, as well as a heartwarming remake of the classic that started it all. The new mechanics incorporated some of Pokemon GO’s influence and allows players to fully ingratiate themselves by catching an enviable number of Kanto Pokemon.

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What is the best Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

A trainer prepares to catch Bidoof in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes the Pokemon series in a radically new direction, by drawing you back into the past to the founding of an entire region. Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl’s release and their subsequent remakes, Pokemon Legends: Arceus took us to the Hisui region, which would later become the Sinnoh region in the mainline games.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus was the series dipping its toe into a more open-world adventure, by allowing players to catch Pokemon roaming around set areas and completing missions along the way. While the series wouldn’t go fully open world until Scarlet & Violet, it made for a promising start and is a must-have Switch title for any Pokemon fan, be they veteran or newcomer.

That’s some of the best Pokemon games you’ll be able to find on the Nintendo Switch. With this selection, you’re bound to find something that fits your play style. If you need more Pokemon titles, be sure to check out everything we know so far about Pokemon Sleep.

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