5 best gaming desks to buy in 2024, including L-shaped & standing models

5 best gaming desks to buy in 2024, including L-shaped & standing models
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A magnificent set-up for all of your gaming hardware would be nothing without a high-quality desk to lay it all on. Thankfully, I've got just the guide for you no matter what sort of space you might be working with. 

Whether you prefer an L-shape, curved, standing, a small model, or something to put one of the best 1440p gaming monitors on, there's a whole selection for you to choose from.

How we chose the best gaming desks in 2024

 The primary criteria for the desks on this list is to cover all bases. That is to say, we focused on covering a wide variety of desk sizes, shapes, and uses. The most important thing with a desk is that it meets the requirements of both your gaming setup and the space it is going into.

Some of the best gaming desks in 2024
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Whether you have a tight space, a corner, half a room, or an open space to work with, there's a good amount of options for you below.

Best desk for a small space

MOTPK Small Gaming Desk

The MOTPK small gaming desk
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Image via MOTPK

Key features:

  • Raised monitor stand
  • Headset holder
  • 31.5 inches in length

If you don't have the space for a large desk, or if you simply like to keep things minimal, this might be the desk for you. For a desk with such a small footprint, this MOTPK desk is very usable and has plenty of features.

The desktop itself is 31.5 inches across, with plenty of space for one large or two regular-sized monitors. Your monitors will sit well on the built-in monitor riser at the back of the desk. Further, the desk features a headphone holder and a drink holder.

Being a smaller desk, the MOTPK Small Gaming Desk is also very reasonably priced. If you need a quick and simple desk, this is a fantastic option.

Best L-shaped desk for a small space

Armocity L-Shaped Gaming Desk

The Armocity L-shaped gaming desk
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Image via Armocity

Key features:

  • Raised monitor stand
  • Built-in power strip
  • Cubby for a desktop PC
  • L-shape

L-shaped desks come in various sizes for different situations. For an L-shaped desk that fits a smaller space, we recommend the Armocity L-Shaped Gaming Desk. The L-shape of this desk gives you extra desk space without taking up much more space.

This desk comes with all of the bells and whistles, featuring a monitor stand, drink and headphone holders, and plenty of shelving underneath. The desk will keep your PC up off of the ground and there is a keyboard shelf if you like to keep the desk space clear. The desk even comes with a built-in power strip so you can power your devices without running cables.

The position of the L-shape is reversible, meaning you can customise the desk to fit your own specific needs. This is an excellent desk if you want that extra bit of desk space, without taking up half of your floor space.

Best curved gaming desk

Arozzi - Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Ultimate Arena gaming desk, one of the best to buy in 2023
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Image via Arozzi

Key features:

  • Curved front
  • 14 square feet of surface area
  • Cable cut-outs
  • Washable, desk-sized mousepad

Wide enough to fit even the largest of set-up displays with an elegant curve that lets you slot into the action, the Arena Ultrawide by Arozzi is one of the finest gaming desks you can find on the market. Along with its beautiful 14 square feet surface area for up to three large monitors, there are a few extra features to make this curved desk's price tag more than worth it. 

Alongside a durable and machine washable full coverage and non-slip microfibre mousepad, the Arozzi also added the Arena Ultrawide three cut-outs for cable management under the desk - so you can subtly keep your gaming set-up tidy and with style to boot. 

Supported by high-quality steel legs for ultimate durability, this is one beautiful curved gaming desk that's built to last. 

Best large L-shaped desk

Cyclysio L-Shaped Desk

The Cyclysio L-shaped gaming desk
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Image via Cyclysio

Key features:

  • Raised monitor stand
  • L-shape
  • Built-in LEDs
  • Built-in power strip

If you have plenty of space and want all kinds of features, the Cyciysio L-Shaped Desk might be the one for you. First of all, this is the kind of L-shaped desk that is essentially two large desks stitched together, giving you maximum desk space. It comes with a storage bag that attaches to one end to hold your items and a shelving unit that includes a monitor riser.

Furthermore, the shelves have built-in LED lights that can be controlled with an app, allowing you to really customise your gaming setup. With space for two full gaming stations, LED-lit shelves, and a built-in power strip, the Cyclysio L-Shaped Desk might be the ultimate gaming centre.

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Best adjustable standing desk

ErGear Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

The ErGear standing gaming desk
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Image via ErGear

Key features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Headset holder
  • Sturdy, steel frame
  • 176 lb load

Something that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the ability to raise and lower your desk, so you can stand while you work or play. For this, you need a desk with an adjustable height, ideally a mechanised one so you don't have to manually raise and lower it.

This is where the ErGear Standing Desk comes in. This desk is a simple, rectangular desktop with a decent amount of desk space. What makes it special is the ability to raise and lower the height of the desktop. This is done by using the buttons on the right side of the desk. There are buttons to raise or lower the desk, as well as buttons for your preferred sitting and standing heights.

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