5 best RAM for gaming in 2023: Budget & high-end DDR4 & DDR5 RAM

5 best RAM for gaming in 2023: Budget & high-end DDR4 & DDR5 RAM
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When putting together a set-up with all of the necessary hardware, choosing the best RAM for gaming can be the toughest decision made by a PC gamer. Not only are there various memory sizes and read speeds to consider, but also additional features depending on the price point - and even brand-specific elements to consider as well.

So, in order to meet whatever budget or level of gaming PC you have in mind, let's get into the best RAM from budget and high-end models for DDR4 and DDR5 options in 2023.

How we chose the best RAM for gaming in 2023

Some of the best gaming RAM in 2023
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In order to suit your needs no matter how much you're looking to spend for the set-up in mind, we've selected the best gaming RAM picks amongst DDR4 and DDR5 models at budget-friendly price points, alongside those that are high-end. 

To accommodate the majority of gaming PCs, the kits selected are of 32GB bundles, although there are alternative sizes available for each option if you wish. What's more, if you're aiming to buy the best of both worlds, we've also chosen the best all-around RAM for gaming you can perfect your new gaming PC with as well. 

Best all-around RAM for gaming

Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 

The Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5, one of the choices for best RAM for gaming
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Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 features

  • 32GB memory
  • 6400MHz speed
  • Dynamic ten-zone RGB
  • Onboard voltage regulation
  • For 13th Gen Intel Core CPU & Z790 motherboards

Visually striking, powerful, and efficient, the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 kit is the best RAM for gaming when you're on a budget but still fine with spending a bit extra on some optimal bells and whistles

Packed with 32GB of high-speed 6400MHz DDR5 RAM, with the option to buy even more if you wish, you'll be treated with everything you need to fuel a gaming PC with a 13th Gen Intel Core CPU and Z790 motherboards.

Plus, utilising the dynamic ten-zone RGB lighting, you'll be able to create and customise dozens of preset lighting profiles to make your system one of the most dazzling no matter which way you look at it. 

Best budget DDR4 RAM for gaming

Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout Series

The Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout Series RAM
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Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout Series details

  • 32GB memory size
  • 3600MHz speed
  • Intel & AMD motherboard-compatible
  • XMP 2.0 support 
  • Aluminum heat spreader

If you're after a reliable kit of gaming RAM that will give your PC all it needs whilst being kind to your wallet, the Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout Series is a solid go-to. 

As long as you're not bothered about not having RGB and not having the quickest speeds, this highly compatible set of RAM fits perfectly for a variety of Intel and AMD motherboards. In addition to its already relatively fast performance, this DDR4 RAM's XMP 2.0 support makes it ideal for automatic overclocking when you want to take your gaming even further. 

Best budget DDR5 RAM for gaming


The KLEVV CRAS XR5 RGB, one of the choices for best RAM for gaming
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  • 32GB memory size
  • 6000MHz speed
  • Unique RGB bar design
  • XMP 3.0 support 
  • Ultra-low power consumption

Also ideal for the gamer hunting low-cost memory, the KLEVV CRAS XR5 RGB is the best choice for when you're trying to save but still keen on making the higher-speed upgrade to  DDR5 gaming RAM. 

Alongside its higher speeds backed with efficient ultra-low power consumption, the KLEVV CRAS XR5's XMP 3.0 support enables one-click overclocking to get the most out of your system at a lower price point.

As the cherry on top for any gamer wanting extra lighting pizazz in their set-up, the refined circular light diffuser design lets you embrace DDR5's incredible performance alongside 16.8 million-colour RGB support. 

Best high-end DDR4 RAM

Corsair Vengenace RGB Pro

The Corsair Vengenace RGB Pro RAM
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Corsair Vengenace RGB Pro details

  • 32GB memory
  • 3600MHz speed
  • Customised RGB with Corsair ICUE
  • Intel & AMD compatible

Excellent for gamers aiming for the best from DDR4, the Corsair RGB Pro kit is among the best RAM for gaming in 2023 with good reason. With a fast 3600MHz speed that's great for DDR4, the Vengeance RGB Pro illuminates your PC with exquisitely vivid colours that you can take full control of using the Corsair ICUE software - being able to synchronise with your fans, keyboards, coolers, and more. 

Ready for a massive variety of both Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards, even with a custom PCB for high signal quality and performance stability, you can't go wrong when spending a bit extra on this brilliantly high-end kit of gaming RAM. 

Best high-end DDR5 RAM

G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series

The G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB, one of the best choices for best RAM for gaming
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G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series details

  • 32GB memory
  • 7200MHz speed
  • Personalised lighting control
  • XMP 3.0 support
  • Premium dual-texture heatspreader

If you're able to splurge on the best of the best amongst RAM for gaming, look no further than the G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series. 7200MHz speeds may not be necessary for every game, but you'll be ready for the most technologically intense titles with luxury-level performance capabilities. 

Plus, combined with the sleek heat spreader design courtesy of the black-brushed aluminium strip is a limited lifetime warranty, XMP 3.0 support for one-click overclocking is the streamlined RGB light bar over each module. Using the G. SKILL Trident Z Lighting Control software, your gaming PC will boast some of the finest lighting as well as the strongest performance.

That's everything you need to know the 5 best RAM for gaming models in 2023 - covering budget and high-end options for DDR4 and DDR5 models. 

For even more budget and high-end gaming PC essentials, check out the best CPU air coolers in 2023. Alternatively, for even more guides on the best gaming hardware, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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