Best Mouse for Claw Grip in 2023

Best Mouse for Claw Grip in 2023
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5th Jan 2023 20:18

While you can go about using pretty much every mouse out there, finding out what the best mouse for claw grip is can really go a long way in improving your aim if that is your grip style. Comfort is paramount when using a mouse, as the best mice are those that feel completely in-sync with your hand - especially for long gaming sessions where fatigue could build up. So, if you're looking for the best mouse for claw grip then make sure to carry on reading down below for all of the contenders.

What is Claw Grip for Mice?

Claw grip for mice is typically when the only parts of your hand that are touching the mice are your fingertips and lower palm. This leaves your fingers shaped - you guessed it - like a claw, and it is one of the most common grip styles. While it is similar to the fingertip grip, the addition of the lower palm at the base of the mouse helps give you stability when aiming.

As opposed to the more relaxed palm grip style - where your entire hand rests on top of the mouse - the claw grip can cause quite a lot of strain on your hand if the mouse isn't the right shape, especially if you use it quite a lot.

So finding the right mouse for your claw grip is vitally important, but thankfully there are a plethora of shapes and choices to suit just that. As always lighter mice are better, especially when you have fewer contact points to the mouse, but it is all down to personal preference.

Best Mouse for Claw Grip in 2023

Here are some of our selections if you're looking for the best mouse for claw grip in 2023:

Razer Viper Ultimate V2

Razer Viper Ultimate V2
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The first contender for the best mouse for claw grip in 2023 is the Razer Viper Ultimate V2, and it might just be the best on this entire list. Operating as an update to Razer's flagship mouse, the Viper Ultimate V2 is a fantastic choice for those with a claw grip.

It has an ergonomic shape that is suitable for both left and right-hand users, a heightened arch to suit the claw grip style, and it all fits into just 58g too.

From a technical perspective, it has a 30K optical sensor for complete precision when gaming, and an 80-hour battery life to ensure that you spend as little time charging as possible.

The only downside is that it is quite expensive as a flagship mouse, but we can assure you that it is well worth the investment.

You can pick up the Razer Viper Ultimate V2 mouse from Amazon for under $120.

Cooler Master MM720

Cooler Master MM720
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Next up on the list is the rather unorthodox Cooler Master MM720. While most mice these days have adopted a rather uniform shape and design, it is great to see ones like the MasterMouse bring back some more old-school aesthetics.

The great thing about this design though is that it is perfect for the claw grip, with its shorter and wider frame perfect for those who don't want to rest their whole hand on the mouse.

It is also the cheapest mouse on this list by quite a significant margin, so if you're looking for a budget pick then you can't get much better than this. It does, of course, come with some cutbacks though like the fact that it is wired, but if that doesn't bother you then you'll be in for a treat.

The Cooler Master MM720 is available on Amazon for a mere $37, which is a steal for what you're getting.

Logitech G303 Shroud

Logitech G303 Shroud
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Another entry into the weirdly shaped mice club is the Logitech G303 Shroud, but don't let its almost diamond-like frame fool you into thinking this isn't one of the best mice out there.

Named after the streaming phenomenon and not the piece of cloth, the G303 markets itself with the implicit suggestion that your aim will be as good as Mr Grzesiek's when using it. While that would be a minor miracle if that was the case, it remains still undeniable how great this mouse really is - especially for those with a claw grip.

It has Logitech's famous 25K Hero sensor, and its more unusual shape makes perfect use of the usual contact points that come with the claw grip, making for a more than comfortable experience when gaming.

It is on the more expensive side, coming in at just under $100 on Amazon, but it is well worth the price if you do decide to pick it up.

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Glorious Model O Minus

Glorious Model O Minus
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The final entry into this list of the Glorious Model O Minus, which you'd probably be best steering clear of if you've got trypophobia. If you are lucky enough to not be freaked out by the honeycomb design though, you're in for a treat with one of the best gaming mice out there.

The Model O Minus in particular offers a smaller and slighter experience than its non-minus bigger brother, which is perfect for those who use a claw grip when gaming. Its sleek design with subtle RGB accents will look stylish on any desk, and its 58g weight will feel like a cloud in your hands.

You can purchase the Glorious Model O Minus on Amazon right now for only $68, which is a steal at that price.

So, that concludes this list, giving you a great selection if you were wondering what the best mouse for claw grip in 2023 was. If you're looking for something a bit more specific though, why not have a read of this best mouse for Fortnite guide here.

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