4 best GTPlayer/GTRacer gaming chairs to buy in 2024

4 best GTPlayer/GTRacer gaming chairs to buy in 2024
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GTPlayer is one of the most well-known brands in the gaming chair world, and for good reason - so we've compiled a best list of our favourites on offer from the brand if you're in the market to elevate your setup.

Proper ergonomic support with your chair is a vital part of gaming hardware, as it's arguably more important to look after yourself than to spend all your money on fancy graphics cards or monitors.  

How we chose the best GTPlayer chairs

There are a number of factors that go into choosing a gaming chair, as there are different kinds of chairs for different purposes. Some focus more on back support and ergonomics, some are purely for comfort or aesthetics, and some come with features like footrests or built-in speakers.

All four chairs in our list of the best GTPlayer gaming chairs
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The GTPlayer range covers many of these ideas, meaning there are different chairs for different situations. We have gone through the full range and picked out the chairs we believe will be best suited to each situation.

Best budget GTPlayer gaming chair

GTPlayer Footrest Series

The GTPlayer footrest series chair
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For an entry-level option, this GTPlayer Footrest Series chair has a lot to offer. It comes with a wide, comfortable seat, cushioned armrests, two pillows for your head and lower back, and as the name suggests, even a footrest.

Gaming chairs can get very expensive, so anyone looking to get one and save some money would do well to pick up one of the GTPlayer Footrest Series chairs.

Best reclining GTPlayer chair

GTRacing Pro Series

The GTRacer Pro series gaming chair
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If you have ever seen a gaming chair in your life, chances are it looked something like the GTRacing Pro Series gaming chair. In fact, it probably was exactly this chair. The GTRacing Pro Series gaming chair has been a staple for many years, largely due to having so many useful features.

One such feature is the ability to recline, which goes a long way in making a comfortable gaming chair. For gamers who play on bigger screens or just like to lie back once in a while, having a recline function in a gaming chair comes in very handy.

Most comfortable GTPlayer chair

GTPlayer Ace Series

The GTPlayer Ace series gaming chair
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It goes without saying that comfort is one of the priorities of any chair. For maximum comfort in a gaming chair, you need to look no further than the GTPlayer Ace Series. The chair has a plush seat with flared sides that wrap around you. The backrest is made of finely stitched faux leather, so you can rest easy knowing no cows were sacrificed for your chair.

The chair comes with a footrest, padded armrests, a side pocket for easy access storage, and two pillows. The headrest pillow is the standard, but the backrest pillow is much larger than what you would get on other models. Overall, this is easily the most comfortable chair in the GT line.

Best overall GTPlayer chair in 2024

GTPlayer Dragon Series

The GTPlayer Dragon series gaming chair
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For those who seek the most premium option, the chair you want is the GTPlayer Dragon Series. This chair combines many of the best qualities of the chairs above, with features like the footrest, reclining back, plush seat, large back pillow and even the built-in speakers that can be connected to your PC for surround sound.

What makes this chair truly special is the design. It features extensive stitching, including an intricately embroidered dragon symbol on the backrest and design along the sides. For a premium chair, the Dragon Series still costs significantly less than many competitor chairs, making this a premium chair for a less-than-premium cost.

That's it for our GTPlayer/GTRacer gaming chair buyers guide. For more great tech deals, head to our hardware homepage. Alternatively, check out the best budget CPUs, the best wireless gaming keyboards, and the best gaming desks.

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