Best Razer headset in 2023

Best Razer headset in 2023
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29th Mar 2023 12:54

Searching for the perfect gaming headset can be tough. Razer is one of the most excellent go-to brands when it comes to peripherals, but there are still many models fitting all manner of platforms, budgets, features, and preferences for comfort.

Luckily, we're here to help narrow it down for you. For a variety of different gamers, here are the 5 ideal options for the best Razer headset.

Best Razer Headset in 2023

Razer Kraken

best razer headset kraken
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An affordable yet stylish design, the Razer Kraken is one of the best-value headsets you can get if you're concerned about budget. Compatible with all modern gaming platforms and mobile phones with a 3.5mm audio jack, this wired gaming headset promises immersive surround sound and positional audio, delivered perfectly through its custom-tuned 50mm drivers.

You won't have to worry about irritation during longer gaming sessions either. The Kraken also boasts the oval, cooling gel-infused cushions known across Razer headsets, ensuring optimal all-day comfort for a great price.

Razer Barracuda X

best razer headset barracuda x
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If you're the type of player to jump between console, PC, and your phone over long gaming marathons, the Razer Kraken is one of the most all-around versatile headsets you can get.

As well as being a lightweight 250g, this wireless headset's prowess comes in its SmartSwitch Dual Wireless feature: letting you switch between high-speed 2.4GHz connection via its type-C dongle or 5.2 Bluetooth - so you can seamlessly switch between audio between your systems and devices as you please.

What's more, along with a detachable HyperClear Cardioid Mic for crystal-clear voice capture, the Barracuda X comes with a massive 50-hour battery life. So, you won't have to worry about ever running out of power on a full charge.

Razer BlackShark V2

best razer headset blackshark v2
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Made by gamers for gamers, the Razer BlackShark V2 is crafted for players with esports-level competition in mind. Included with first-rate immersive THX 7.1 Surround Sound, high-end 50mm drivers, and a detachable HyperClear mic, is a dynamic USB sound card - letting you access Razer Synapse software for even more advanced audio and mic control options.

Also included in the cool gel-infused cushions for all-day comfort, is ultra-soft breathable memory foam. No matter how long you play, this foam - wrapped in a luxurious plush leatherette - reduces the clamping pressure of the headset to ultimately minimise the build-up of irritating heat and sweat. No matter how long or intensely you play, the BlackShark V2 makes certain your focus is only kept on the battle at hand.

Razer Kaira X For PlayStation 5

best razer headset kairia x for playstation 5
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Presented in a stylishly iconic PlayStation colour scheme; black, white, and blue; the Razer Kaira X for PlayStation 5 is perfect for any player looking for a headset to match their new Sony console. The Kaira X packs in some of Razer's best headset features to compliment your PS5 gaming sessions - including the HyperClear Cardioid Mic for excellent voice pick-up, Flowknit Memory Foam Each Cushions for breathable and long-lasting comfort, and intuitive onset controls for on-the-fly adjustments.

If the PlayStation 5 isn't your only gaming system, there's no need to worry. This dynamic wired gaming headset is also compatible with Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and 3.5mm jack mobile phones.

Razer Kaira For Xbox

best razer headset kaira for xbox
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Packed with familiar features compared to its wired counterpart for PS5, the wireless Razer Kaira for Xbox has a couple more that make gaming on Microsoft consoles even more seamless.

In addition to its top-rated comfort and pin-point sound, courtesy of the breathable cushions and 50mm TriForce Titanium Drivers respectively, the Xbox Kaira comes with an EQ and Xbox Pairing Button. This allows you to tap twice in order to cycle through 4 EQ settings - including an FPS mode that lets you better hear enemy steps, and a Bass mode to hone in on low-frequency sounds.

Through Xbox Wireless, the Razer Kaira has no need for extra wires or plug-in dongles - letting you connect to your Xbox Series X or Xbox One console directly. Bolstered with excellent signal range, the Razer Kaira promises to be the ultimate Xbox headset for couch gaming - in matching colours to boot.

That's a wrap on the best Razer headsets for consoles, PC, and mobile devices! For more advice on the best tech, why not check out our favourite picks of the best mouse for Fortnite or the best keyboard for VALORANT?

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