6 best Nintendo Switch Lite & OLED cases for travel in 2024

6 best Nintendo Switch Lite & OLED cases for travel in 2024
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Transporting your Nintendo Switch safely with a good carry case is important when you are on the go. From the Nintendo Switch Lite to the fancy OLED model, you need to protect your hardware with a case that fits all your needs.

If you have travel plans in 2024, then chances are one of the cases below is exactly what you need to bring your console with you safely and securely, in whichever format you prefer. These are our picks for the best Switch carry cases on the market today.

How we chose the best Switch cases for travel

The Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles
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Images via Nintendo

There is no shortage of brands making Nintendo Switch travel cases for its three models, all with their own different sizes and features - giving gamers a lot of choices to sift through.

To make your search as easy as possible, our top Nintendo Switch case picks will suit a wide variety of sizes and needs alongside local multiplayer, guaranteed protection, Switch Lite owners, and those wanting to move their entire set-up, dock and all. 

Best all-around Nintendo Switch case

RDS Industries Traveller Deluxe Case

The RDS Industries Traveller Deluxe Case, one of the options for best Nintendo Switch Switch case for travel
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Image via RDS Industries

RDS Industries Traveller Deluxe Case details:

  • Price: $9.99
  • Size: 5.8 x 14 x 25.6cm 
  • Key features:
    • Tested and approved by Nintendo
    • Compatible with all Nintendo Switch models
    • Adjustable viewing stand
    • Sleek game and SD cases and slots

If you're looking for an officially licensed travel option, the RDS Industries' Traveller Deluxe Case will be the best Nintendo Switch carrying case for you - designed for all three Lite, OLED, and base Nintendo Switch systems, along with being tested and approved by Nintendo itself. 

RDS has tried to fit everything a Nintendo Switch player on the go needs in a carrying travel case, whilst also remaining as compact and space-efficient as possible. While able to fit your Nintendo Switch into the ballistic nylon case for full screen and analog stick protection, the adjustable viewing stand also makes sure you'll be able to play in comfort, no matter the model you're using. 

The sleekest parts of this travel carrying case are the moulded slots for two game and SD card cases that slot discreetly behind your Nintendo Switch - each allowing you to take up to four game cartridges or eight SD cards with you on the go. 

So if you're planning a long trip or you are a regular commuter needing as many games - and as much protection - as possible without losing too much baggage space, the Traveller Deluxe Case is a more than safe bet. 

Best Switch carrying case for local multiplayer

Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case

The Orzly Nintendo Switch Carrying Case
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Image via Orzly

Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case details:

  • Price: $21.81
  • Size: 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.8cm 
  • Key features:
    • Additionally holds more Joy-Cons for local multiplayer
    • Durable EVA Shell
    • Holds up to eight games or SD cards

If you want your base Nintendo Switch or OLED kept safe and you enjoy playing games on the go with friends, the Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case is the one you need.

Built with the same levels of protection as the RDS Traveller Case, the Orzly Carry Case also boasts an extra sizable pouch within the top interior that can hold extra Joy-Con controllers, cables, or extra games or SD cards beyond the eight that can be held in the built-in game card flap.

Whether you're heading to a house party to use Mario Kart 8 as a solid icebreaker or a family gathering to play Smash Bros with your nieces and nephews, the Orzly Carry Case is the best Nintendo Switch travel option for when you want to bring more players into the mix. 

Best carrying case for Nintendo Switch protection

CALLCASE Carrying Case

The CALLCASE Carrying Case, one of the selections for best Nintendo Switch case
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CALLCASE Carrying Case details:

  • Price: $13.99
  • Size: 26.11 x 14.4 x 5.41cm 
  • Key features:
    • Durable ABS+PC shell
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Anti-shake security

Every one of the cases for travel mentioned on this list provides optimal protection, but it's CALLCASES's Carrying Case for base Nintendo Switch and OLED models that will provide the best of the best in damage prevention. 

Combined with more than enough space for your Switch, cables, power bank, earbuds and up to 10 games in its compact and lightweight design is the case's incredibly durable ABS+PC shell: not only being waterproof but also preventing fall damage, scratches, and dust build-up that may occur when on the move. 

If you're worried about your Nintendo Switch getting knocked about on large trips, the CALLCASE Carrying Case's built-in elastic strap ensures total anti-shake security when your console is on the move. 

For total peace of mind when your Nintendo Switch is in your luggage or you're playing a lot whilst travelling, you can't go wrong with this carry case. 

Best carrying case for Nintendo Switch Lite

tomtoc Nintendo Switch Lite Case

The tomtoc Nintendo Switch Lite case
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tomtoc Nintendo Switch Lite Case details:

  • Price: $24.99
  • Size: 23.5 x 11.99 x 6.5cm
  • Key features:
    • Slimline shape
    • Patented design
    • Military-level protection
    • Fits up to 24 cartridges

While most cases made for the base Nintendo Switch and OLED model are generally compatible with the Switch Lite, thanks to its smaller dimensions, it's often more ideal to go with a travel option that's made specifically for the minute machine. That's in order to prevent the Joy-Con-less handheld from rattling about and potentially getting knocked around. 

With part of the Nintendo Switch Lite's appeal being that it's more space-efficient for travel, tomtoc's slimline carry case goes hand-in-hand with its stated "Military Level Protection". Paired with this slim Switch case, its patented design perfectly fits around your Switch to save as much space as possible, meaning you'll still be able to carry multiple games with slots for up to 24 cartridges

To make the most of your Nintendo Switch Lite wherever you are, the tomtoc carrying case is absolutely the best option for travel. 

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Best case for docked Nintendo Switch

COOWPS Switch Case

The COOWPS Switch Case, the best Nintendo Switch case for travel with your docked console
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COOWPS Case details:

  • Price: $25.95
  • Size: 29.97 x 24.89 x 12.7cm
  • Key features:
    • Transports entire set-up - including dock
    • Waterproof, shockproof, and anti-scratch base case
    • Holds up to 21 games

Tailored to accommodate your console, dock, Joy-Cons and straps, Pro Controller, cables, games, and more, the COOWPS Switch Case is the absolute best Nintendo Switch carrying case when needing to travel with your entire set-up safely and securely - except your TV of course. 

Within a sturdy waterproof, shockproof, and anti-scratch base case lies a removable high-density foam inner moulding to simply slot in and transport every part of your Nintendo Switch and all of its home accessories. With it, your entire collection of Switch hardware and up to 21 games is granted the ultimate protection from bumps and drops whilst tucked away in storage as you travel or move on foot. 

Whether you're on the road or travelling by plane or train, it's easy to say this multi-purpose carrying case is one of the finest home storage and travel companions a Nintendo Switch owner can buy. 

Best waterproof case for Nintendo Switch

the DEVASO Switch carry case
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Image via DEVASO

DEVASO Waterproof Switch case details:

  • Price: $48.99
  • Size: 33.27 x 25.4 x 13.97cm
  • Key features:
    • Carries the whole set-up
    • Fully waterproof
    • Comes in the standard Switch colour combination

If you want a large, protective, waterproof case that also fits the colourful aesthetic of the Nintendo Switch, then the DEVASO carry case is a fantastic option. It allows you to carry around your entire Switch setup, making it perfect for lugging to a friend's house or during the tedious process of moving out.

All your hardware and games pack in so snug and tightly that they don't even move during a fall, offering ultimate protection to guarantee your Switch works perfectly once you arrive at your destination. 

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