V Rising Boss Locations: Where To Find All Bosses On The Map

V Rising Boss Locations: Where To Find All Bosses On The Map
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23rd May 2022 13:41

V Rising boss locations are done in an interesting way. V Rising lets players loose on an open world, to make their own way as best they can. Before long, you can find yourself running into some seriously powerful enemies, as the bosses of the game are always out there in the world. To find the boss you need, or to avoid the bosses you don’t, check out these V Rising boss locations.

V Rising Boss Locations: Farbane Woods

V Rising Boss Locations: Farbane Woods locations
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Here are all of the boss locations in Farbane Woods, in order of their levels. Bear in mind, not all bosses have set locations and can be found anywhere in the region.

  1. Alpha Wolf - Level 16 - South of the map, around any Wolf Den
  2. Errol the Stonebreaker - Level 20
  3. Rufus the Foreman - Level 20
  4. Keely the Frost Archer - Level 20
  5. Lidia the Chaos Archer - Level 26 - Can spawn anywhere on the paths of the region
  6. Grayson the Armourer - Level 27
  7. Goreswine the Ravager - Level 27 - Roams the forests of Farbane Woods
  8. Putrid Rat - Level 30 - Summoned to your castle with Vermin Nest
  9. Clive the Firestarter - Level 30
  10. Polora the Feywalker - Level 34
  11. Ferocious Bear - Level 36
  12. Nicholaus the Fallen - Level 37
  13. Quincy the Bandit King - Level 37
  14. Tristan the Vampire Hunter - Level 46 - Wanders the roads of the area
  15. The Winged Horror - Level 78

V Rising Boss Locations: Dunley Farmlands

V Rising Boss Locations: Dunley Farmlands locations
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Next up are the bosses of the Dunley Farmlands. The game begins to open up in terms of choice here, but this is where you should head next after Farbane Woods.

  1. Beatrice the Tailor - Level 38
  2. Vincent the Frostbringer - Level 44 - Found along the paths of Dunley Farmlands
  3. Jade the Vampire Hunter - Level 44 - Walks the pathways of Dunley Farmlands
  4. Christina the Sun Priestess - Level 44 - Ambles the walkways of Dunley Farmlands
  5. Leandra the Shadow Priestess - Level 46
  6. Terah the Geomancer - Level 48
  7. Meredith the Bright Archer - Level 52
  8. Octavian the Militia Captain - Level 58
  9. Raziel the Shepherd - Level 60
  10. Willfred the Werewolf Chief - Level 64


V Rising Boss Locations: Hallowed Mountains

V Rising Boss Locations: Hallowed Mountains locations
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The Hallowed Mountains are a smaller location in the east of the map, seemingly with more to be added there later. A small section of the region can be accessed from Farbane Woods, and there are a pair of bosses who appear there.

  1. Frostmaw the Mountain Terror - Level 56 - Wanders the roads of Hallowed Mountains
  2. Terrorclaw the Ogre - Level 68
  • Progressing and facing tougher foes means you need tougher armour, to do that you will need V Rising silver ore.

V Rising Boss Locations: Cursed Forest

V Rising Boss Locations: Cursed Forest locations
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In terms of the levels of bosses, the next location is the Cursed Forest. There are some seriously tough enemies here, so come prepared.

  1. Ungora the Spider Queen - Level 60
  2. The Duke of Balaton - Level 62
  3. Foulrot the Soultaker - Level 62
  4. Matka the Curse Weaver - Level 72
  5. Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer - Level 76 - Roams the roads of the Cursed Forest
  6. Gorecrusher the Behemoth - Level 78

V Rising Boss Locations: Silverlight Hills

V Rising Boss Locations: Silverlight Hills locations
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Silverlight Hills is where you will find some of the strongest bosses in all of V Rising. Here are all of their locations.

  1. Mairwyn the Elementalist - Level 64
  2. Azariel the Sunbringer - Level 68
  3. Morian the Stormwing Matriarch - Level 68
  4. Solarus the Immaculate - Level 80


Those are all of the V Rising boss locations currently known in the game. For more tips, check out our guide on V Rising Unsullied Hearts.

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