V Rising Ferocious Bear: Location, How To Beat

V Rising Ferocious Bear: Location, How To Beat
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25th May 2022 16:30

V Rising Ferocious Bear is one of the many powerful boss characters in the game. V Rising challenges players to work their way through a long list of dangerous bosses, each gifting a new vampiric power. The Ferocious Bear is a tough boss that grants a powerful and useful ability. Here is everything you need to know to take on the V Rising Ferocious Bear.

  • The list of bosses in V Rising is long, but we have the details on all of them for you in our V Rising boss locations guide.

V Rising Ferocious Bear: Location

V Rising Ferocious Bear: location on the map
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To track down the Ferocious Bear, you need to head to the eastern end of Farbane Woods. If you check your map you will see a section of the map sticking out on the right side. It is one of those yellow regions, a place of interest. Mouse over that spot and you will see it is a Bear Cave. This is where you will find the Ferocious Bear.

Bear in mind (sorry), this boss is level 36. You should be at least close to this level before you attempt to take on the Ferocious Bear.

V Rising Ferocious Bear: How To Beat

V Rising Ferocious Bear: How to defeat the bear
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The Ferocious Bear can be an overbearing foe, excuse the poor but necessary pun. It is huge, and it can bully you pretty easily. A lot of its attacks move you around the arena. Those attacks often have an area of effect that can be difficult to avoid.

The key to the fight is movement, The Bear’s den is a decently sized area. You should avoid letting the Bear back you into the entrance, as it absolutely has the advantage in that narrow area. Move around the room to keep ahead of the bear. Its regular attacks hit directly in front, so try to stay behind it. However, your main concern is the bear’s area of effect attacks, which hit in all directions.

The Bear tends to chain these attacks together, making them difficult to fully avoid. First, it will attack directly around itself, then further away. Try not to dash out of the first attack if you can, as you may leave yourself stranded and unable to avoid the next attack. If you can manage to avoid these attacks, and consistently do damage in between, you should have no issue taking down the Ferocious Bear.


V Rising Ferocious Bear: Rewards

V Rising Ferocious Bear: rewards for beating the bear
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Defeating the Ferocious Bear will net you some resources, some gems, and an Unsullied Heart. More importantly, consuming the bear’s V Blood will give you a new power. Fittingly, you will gain the Bear Form from this fight. This allows you to transform into a bear. Your bear form is faster, stronger, and can break down more walls than your regular form is able to.

That is it for the V Rising Ferocious Bear boss fight guide. For more boss tips, check out our V Rising Beatrice the Tailor guide.


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