V Rising Cave Passages: Locations, How To Fast Travel

V Rising Cave Passages: Locations, How To Fast Travel
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25th May 2022 11:13

V Rising Cave Passages are little cracks in rocks you will find around the world of Vardoran. V Rising gives players a huge map to explore, but not too many ways to get around it quickly. Outside of transformations you will unlock later, or borrowing a horse from a nearby stable, you are mostly going to be travelling on foot. Here is how you can cross massive distances using V Rising Cave Passages.

V Rising Cave Passages: Locations

V Rising Cave Passages: Cave locations
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In your travels, you will occasionally come across red, glowing cracks in rocks. These are Cave Passages, and they will take you across the map. There are only a handful of these caves around the map, and each one will take you a considerable distance.

It is worth noting, Cave Passages are one-way trips. Each Cave Passage has an entrance and an exit, and it is not possible to reach the exits from the outside. Even once you are able to transform into a bat, you cannot fly up to the exits. So, as the map above depicts, you can only use Cave Passages in one direction. Be sure to keep an eye out for these whenever you are making any long trips.


  • While zipping about the map, you are bound to run into a couple of bosses. To learn more, check out our V Rising boss locations guide.

V Rising Cave Passages: Vampire Waygates

V Rising Cave Passages: Vampire waygates
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Thankfully, there is more than one way to fast travel in V Rising. When Cave Passages fail you, perhaps a Vampire Waygate will do the trick. Unlike the Cave Passages, Vampire Waygates can be used to travel in multiple directions. In fact, you can use a Vampire Waygate to travel to any other Waygate. The only catch is that you cannot travel while carrying resources. It really seems like V Rising does not want you to go anywhere quickly.

Regardless, these are your options for fast travelling around Vardoran. Both methods are quite situational, so your most reliable method of travel will always be doing it yourself. Whether that be on foot, on a horse, or as a bat.

That is everything there is to know about V Rising cave passages and other methods of travel. For more useful info, check out our V Rising Merchants guide.


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