Destiny 2 Horror's Least: How To Get The Adept Version

Destiny 2 Horror's Least: How To Get The Adept Version
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28th Jul 2022 11:37

Destiny 2 Horror's Least is a rapid-fire type pulse rifle, and maybe the best one in the game. Destiny 2 is, at its highest level, a game about chasing the best weapons and armour based on statistics. This is one such weapon worth chasing, as it can make you an absolute nightmare in the Crucible. Here is how to get the adept version of the Destiny 2 Horror's Least.

  • If you are going for an adept Horror's Least, you should pair it with a shiny new set of powerful Destiny 2 Solstice armour.

Destiny 2 Horror's Least: Why Is It So Good?

The stat page for the adept Horror's Least
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If you have been hearing a lot of chatter about this weapon, and aren't entirely sure what makes it so special, here is a quick rundown. Long story short, rapid-fire pulse rifles are quite strong in the current version of Destiny 2, and Horror's Least has the best stats in this group.

It does not have the best range but it isn't far behind. The weakest aspect of this weapon is its handling, something that varies widely depending on if you are playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard. Regardless, this issue can be mitigated easily with a mod or a perk.

The base version of this weapon is great, but the adept version is what makes it incredible. You get access to the adept perks, but more importantly, you can improve the stats. If you masterwork an adept weapon, all of the stats will be increased. For a weapon that already has the best stats in almost every category, this just takes a great weapon and makes it even better. This will also bring the poor handling in step with most of the other rapid-fire pulse rifles.


Destiny 2 Horror's Least: How To Get The Adept Version

A Warlock approaching Sedia at the end of The Corrupted Strike
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Adept weapons are rewards for completing some of the toughest content in all of Destiny 2. They can be gotten for reaching the Lighthouse in Trials of Osiris, for completing Master difficulty raids, and for completing Grandmaster Nightfalls. To get the adept Horror's Least, you need to complete this week's Grandmaster Nightfall, The Corrupted. It is not a guaranteed reward, so you may need to give it a couple of tries.

If you and a couple of your friends are ready for Grandmaster Nightfalls, then this one is very much worth chasing down. The Corrupted is a particularly difficult Strike to complete on Grandmaster difficulty, but the rewards are worth it.

That is it for the Destiny 2 Horror's Least adept pulse rifle. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Kindling guide.

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