Destiny 2 Kindling: How To Get And Use

Destiny 2 Kindling: How To Get And Use
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Dave McAdam


28th Jul 2022 12:00

Destiny 2 Kindling is an important resource during the Solstice event. Destiny 2 has an annual Summer event called the Solstice, and this year's event is an important one. The Solstice is an excellent chance to get yourself some powerful armour, but to do so you will need to gather some resources. Here is everything you need to know about one of those resources, how to get plenty of Destiny 2 Kindling.

  • One of the challenges that award you with Kindling is Destiny 2 Brightfall, click here to find out more.

Destiny 2 Kindling: How To Get

Kindling awarded for completing a challenge, as shown on the event card
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Kindling is one of the two resources needed for upgrading Destiny 2 Solstice armour. Of the two materials, Kindling is the less plentiful. While you can farm for Silver Leaves near endlessly, Kindling are only available through a single source. Completing challenges on the Solstice event card will reward you with Kindling, one Kindling per challenge.

Those challenges range from completing rounds of the Bonfire Bash activity, to getting kills with certain weapons or abilities, to completing activities like Strikes and Crucible matches. There is only so much Kindling you can get in the game, so be sure to get enough but also not to use it lightly.

Check your Solstice event card, and have a look through the challenges. The first few are based around the Bonfire Bash, so be sure to play plenty of it to get few challenges done. Pick out some challenges that suit you and your playstyle, and work your way through them. You don't need a huge amount of them to upgrade a full set of armour, so focus on the ones that seem easiest.


Destiny 2 Kindling: How To Use

The full suit of Hunter Candescent armour
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As mentioned, Kindling is used in upgrading Solstice armour. You will need Kindling along with Silver Ash in order to level up your Candescent Armour pieces. Each piece can upgraded twice, and at that second upgrade is guaranteed to grant at least one 20+ stat roll. This is why upgrading Solstice armour is so important and powerful, it is rare to get that kind of control over your armour stats.

Using the method in the guide linked above, players can almost perfect their armour stats and get themselves some seriously powerful armour. There has never really been such a clear and simple method for doing as such, so be sure to jump on Destiny 2 and get yourself some powered-up Solstice armour.

That is everything there is to know about Destiny 2 Kindling. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Yuna guide for some interesting info about this rarely seen vendor.

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