Destiny 2 Focusing Strike: What It Does, How To Use It

Destiny 2 Focusing Strike: What It Does, How To Use It
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15th Sep 2022 14:41

Destiny 2 Focusing Strike is a popular mod for various armour builds. Destiny 2 allows players to create their own builds and hone their stats exactly how they want them. Focusing Strike is a very useful mod, that can be a big part of many character builds. Here is everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Focusing Strike mod.

Destiny 2 Focusing Strike: What It Does

The description for the Focusing Strike mod
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Destiny 2 Focusing Strike has a pretty straightforward effect. When equipped, it causes any damage done with melee attacks to grant class ability energy. Class abilities are the Hunter's dodge, the Titan's shield wall, and the Warlock's rift, very important abilities that you will want to keep topped up.

What is interesting about Focusing Strike is many similar mods require more from the player. Often, mods require you to get kills with specific abilities or weapons to activate their effects. With Focusing Strike, you only need to do melee damage. It does not require you to defeat opponents, and it does not refer to melee ability damage only.

Melee abilities use up your melee energy, meaning you have less of them available to use than regular melee attacks. The fact that this mod works with regular melee attacks means you can consistently gain class ability energy with it.


Destiny 2 Focusing Strike: How To Use

Fighting enemies in a lost sector
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Focusing Strike is a mod that can be used in a million different builds. It goes without saying that this mod pairs best with builds that are focused on constant melee damage, or builds that focus on the class ability. Melee abilities that can be quickly refreshed like Titan throwing hammers can make great use of this, as can Hunter throwing knives used with exotics like Caliban's Hand.

A great example of how to use this is with an Arc Hunter. Using Combination Blow with the Liar's Handshake exotic arms, and then using the Gambler's Dodge class ability, meaning you can have a constant source of both melee and class ability. In a case where the flow is broken between the two abilities and you end up without the class ability energy you need. Having Focusing Strike in your back pocket will help you get the loop going again.

This is just one of dozens of ways you can use Focusing Strike, it isn't a mod that is going to make or break a build, but it is one that will support so many builds and give you a really useful boost to your class abilities.

That is it for the Destiny 2 Focusing Strike, for more on mods check out our Destiny 2 Bountiful Wells guide.

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