Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette: God rolls, how to get

Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette: God rolls, how to get
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Dave McAdam


6th Mar 2023 17:14

Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette is a new SMG added with the Lightfall expansion. Destiny 2 has a whole new damage type in Strand, and an arsenal of new weapons that use it. Synchronic Roulette is a standout among the bunch of new weapons, so let's take a look at the weapon, the god rolls, and how to get Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette.

Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette: How to get it

Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette: Terminal Overload on the Neomuna map
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Synchronic Roulette is one of the new Strand weapons from Neomuna, so first and foremost you are going to need access to the Lightfall expansion. Then, you need to complete the Lightfall campaign, and have a character reasonably highly levelled. Anything above 1770 should be more than enough.

Now, head to Neomuna and take on the Terminal Overload public activity. This is a consistently active activity, much like Blind Well or Escalation Protocol. It is pretty simple to get involved, as there is a dedicated Terminal Overload node you can select on the map which brings you straight to the location.

The rewards for Terminal Overload also rotate as the locations do. To get the Synchronic Roulette, hold on to a Terminal Overload key until it is happening in Liming Harbour. Head there, complete the activity, and you will be rewarded with a random roll of Synchronic Roulette.

Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette: God rolls

Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette: perk page for the weapon
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As with any vaguely meta weapon, the objective is to get the best perk roll you can. Unfortunately, it seems that Terminal Overload weapons are not craftable, so don't get your hopes up for a Deepsight version popping up.

This does mean that your one and only source of a better roll for the gun is to complete Terminal Overload repeatedly in Liming Harbour until you get the one you want. As regards to god rolls for the weapon, there are two ways you could go. Either a PvE roll for mowing down crowds of enemies, or a PvP roll that will put you on the top of the team.

For PvE, as always, you have options. Arrowhead brake or Smallbore are great to go along with the weapon's naturally long range. In the second column you want something to either increase magazine size, or improve your reload. As such, Flared Magwell granting faster reloads and some bonus stability is a great option.

The third column has a couple of options, Envious Assassin is good if you plan on pairing this weapon with another one. Keep Away could be great for this weapon, as it works well with the extended range and improves reload speed. For the final perk, particularly if you pair it with a Strand build, you want to get Hatchling. This spawns Threadlings on precision or rapid kills, which go out and seek other enemies to attack.

If you want one for PvP instead, the weapon has some great options. Corkscrew Rifling and Riccochet Rounds work best in the Crucible, where the range of the Synchronic Roulette really shines. Under Pressure is also good here, it takes advantage of the small magazine the weapon comes with. Finally, Kill Clip is excellent for PvP and really makes the Synchronic Roulette sing.

That is it for the Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette SMG. For more on what's new in the game, check out our Destiny 2 Winterbite guide.

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