How to start & complete Terminal Overload in Destiny 2

How to start & complete Terminal Overload in Destiny 2
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Terminal Overload is the new cooperative activity added along with the Lightfall expansion in Destiny 2, and we've got everything you need to start and complete it.

The game likes to change things up with each new release, adding new modes and features that expand how we play the game. Terminal Overload is a difficult activity that many of us will stumble upon while exploring the floating streets of Neomuna.

How to start Terminal Overload

Terminal Overload is a public activity that happens across Neomuna. The location of the event cycles daily between the three main areas of Neomuna, so you are likely to stumble across it before you know anything about it.

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload: The Terminal Overload market on the map of Neomuna
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Later, once you have completed the campaign, you will be able to see where Terminal Overload is happening on your map and even fast travel to it. If you have not yet unlocked that ability, you can still take part in Terminal Overload by travelling to its current location at any time, as you are likely to come across other Guardians taking part.

That said, if you are looking to specifically take part in Terminal Overload, your first goal should be to complete the Lightfall campaign to get that load zone, as that guarantees you instant access to the activity. Also, you can load in this way with up to two friends.

How to complete Terminal Overload

Another reason why you should tackle other activities like the campaign first is that Terminal Overload is no joke. Bungie described this activity as Escalation Protocol 2.0, which was a difficult activity to complete if you were under-levelled.

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload: Taking on the Shadow Legion in the Terminal Overload activity
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The recommended power level for Terminal Overload goes up to 1810, which is the pinnacle cap. So long as there is a group of players involved, you shouldn't have to be more than around 1770 to complete it.

When you start the activity, the first thing you need to do is find the giant Cabal Psion standing beneath a pyramid. Shoot the three smaller pyramids to begin the encounter. You will then need to defeat waves of Black Legion, as well as waves of Vex. Your objectives will be made fairly clear to you in the top left as you do this, so no guesswork is necessary.

There are some objectives involved, such as capturing plates, destroying shield generators, and so on. These things are clearly labelled so you won't have an issue finding them, just make sure to watch out for objectives and stay ahead of the timer.

The third and final phase involves facing off against the bosses of the encounter. The first boss is the large Psion from earlier, once they are defeated the second boss, a Vex Gateloard, will appear. This boss has three damage phases, between which you will need to destroy crystals in order to break its shield. Do so, then whittle away at the boss' health until it dies and you complete the activity.

Terminal Overload rotation

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload rotation
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As mentioned, the location that Terminal Overload takes place in rotates daily. It is early yet, but so far the rotation has gone from Ahimsa Park, to Zephyr Concourse, to Liming Harbor. We cannot say for certain that the rotation will continue this way, but it seems likely.

So, if you need to complete Terminal Overload in a particular location, you should be able to use this order to determine when your next chance will be. Furthermore, the rewards also seem to rotate. The rotation so far has been:

  • Zephyr Concourse - Synchronic Roulette - Strand submachine gun
  • Liming Harbour - Circular Logic - Strand heavy machine gun
  • Ahimsa Park - Basso Ostinato - Void shotgun

More weapons are expected to appear as rewards as the days and weeks go on. Terminal Overload seems to be a great source for Strand weapons, so keep it in mind for filling out your Strand arsenal.

Terminal Overload keys

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload keys
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Completing the activity is all well and good, but if you don't have any keys then you are missing out. Terminal Overload keys allow you to unlock the chest at the end of Terminal Overload.

Before you can even do that, you must complete the campaign, and then complete the quests given to you by Quinn in the Hall of Heroes. Specifically, the Stargazer quest will teach you about using Terminal Overload keys and allow you to acquire them. The sources for these keys are;

  • Patrols
  • Public events
  • Chests
  • Nimbus bounties (unlocks at reputation rank 13)

Stock up on keys before taking on Terminal Overload to make sure you are getting the loot you need.

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