Apex Legends Rampart: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore

Apex Legends Rampart: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore
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27th Sep 2021 15:30

Apex Legends Rampart has truly never been better. We’re currently post-nerf, and so long as she doesn’t change again too drastically, she’ll be a much tougher cookie from here on out. The base of fire has recently become a defensive powerhouse, and though her abilities are easy to use but tricky to master, she’ll take some work to refine if you’re new to Apex Legends LMG expert. Here’s everything you need to know in order to master Apex Legends Rampart.

Apex Legends Rampart Abilities

Apex Legends Rampart Guide
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Rampart’s greatest asset is far and away her amped cover - crouch-cover walls she can plant whenever and wherever deploying a small screen that boosts the damage of the bullets that pass through it on your end, and blocks other bullets incoming from the other. She can set up three of these at any given time, and they recharge every 20 seconds.

Her Modded Loader passive ability makes her the very best legend to wield an LMG, too - it gives her increased magazine capacity and faster reloads with the big weapons. Specifically, she has a 15% bigger mag size and 25% quicker reload time.

Apex Legends Rampart Ultimate

The recent buff for Rampart has made her ultimate one of the game’s new favourites. Her Sheila minigun can be carried around the map or planted for her teammates to use, substituting spin time for sheer, unbridled carnage. The minigun does massive damage if you can learn to balance its spin-time well, and can make short work of squads when used correctly.

Apex Legends Rampart Tips

Apex Legends Rampart Guide
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Many players will use Rampart’s walls exclusively to set up cover in open spaces, but they can be equally effective in smaller areas too. If you’re being chased through a building, you can place down an amped wall behind a closed door and completely keep your foes from entering the building. They can of course destroy the door and climb over, but it’ll give you some time to get some distance from them to heal up or prepare to fight back.

Walls become incredibly tough to use in active firefights as they only have 45 health when they’re in the process of being built - the best tactic for using walls (unless you’re sealing doors) is to make sure they’re placed before you’re in the line of sight of your foes. Rampart is a defensive legend after all, so maybe rushing into the heat of battle and attempting to put up defences in the middle of a stream of bullets isn’t perhaps the best idea anyway.

Of course, now that Sheila is mobile, the first thing you need to remember is that it has a very long spin-up time. It’s the most important thing to remember when using the minigun, and if you drop into a battle without spinning it first, it’s an almost guaranteed takedown for you. Don’t rush your engagements with the weapon even though it deals so much damage that you’ll want to play like a badass - you don’t want to over-extend.

Apex Legends Rampart Lore

Apex Legends Rampart Guide
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Rampart is perhaps the arena’s most cobbled-together business owner, but she makes up for it with her incredible charm. Before opening her mod shop on Gaea, Ramya Parekh grew popular through underground gauntlets using her customised gear. To fill in the gaps, she took jobs from smugglers and members of the Syndicate, putting her big mouth to use as she did. Which made her unpopular with the wrong crowd.

After being ambushed in her shop one night, she was left with nothing - except an Apex invitation card. With nothing left to lose, she took to the Apex games to recoup what she’d lost, and once again turn crap into gold.

That’s all you need to know to master Rampart (and Sheila) in the arenas. Don’t play it too safe, but don’t get too carried away either.

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