Apex Legends Loba: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore

Apex Legends Loba: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore
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22nd Sep 2021 16:38

Apex Legends Loba might be branded as a support legend alongside Lifeline, but don’t be fooled - Loba’s primary objective is not exclusively to help her team to a degree that matches Ajay Che. Apex Legends greatest thief is a tough one to master as she’s a character that makes way for you to fall prey to your own greed - but push that aside, and you can be a great asset to your team by putting Loba to use. Here’s how to master Apex Legends Loba and make the most of her abilities.

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Apex Legends Loba Abilities

Apex Legends Loba Guide
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Loba’s tactical ability is perfect for getting her out of a bind - her Burglar’s Best Friend is a bracelet that when thrown, will allow her to teleport to wherever it lands. Perfect for evading gunfire or getting to hard-to-reach spots.

Her Eye for Quality passive ability is one that leans into her wider skillset, too - she’s able to see nearby epic and legendary loot through walls and the lids of loot crates.

Apex Legends Loba Ultimate

Loba’s ultimate ability is one of the game’s most recognisable - her Black Market Boutique. The tool can be planted almost anywhere, and will open up a short radius that can be used to steal any items you like (up to two per player).

It can also be used to steal items from inside vaults, but it’ll permanently close the shop and set off alarms, so be careful where and when you use it.

Apex Legends Loba Tips

Apex Legends Loba Guide
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The biggest piece of advice we can offer you is this - don’t get lost in the drip.

It is so easy to be distracted by loot as Loba, with her ultimate and passive showing you the very best loot on the map and wafting it under your nose, ready for the taking. Planting the Black Market just anywhere will get you in trouble, and if you waste too much time chasing the best loot, you’ll eventually find yourself separated from your squad and isolated by incoming attackers.

In an almost contradictory way, though, Loba’s looting abilities are great for very quick collection if you can coordinate with your team. Her ultimate has a very short recharge rate, and if you’re on the move, you can throw it down just outside of a POI to gather the best loot very quickly before closing it up again. If you can make sure your teammates know to be as fast as possible, you’ll pick up all of the best shields and helmets without breaking a sweat.

Even though her abilities aren’t exactly Lifeline-grade supportive, it’s crucial to remember that Loba is a support character - and as such, shouldn’t be engaged in big pushes or aggressive tactics. She is best played from the sidelines, as her abilities have next to no aggressive applications.

Apex Legends Loba Lore

Apex Legends Loba Guide
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Few moments in Loba’s life influenced her more than watching her family be murdered by Revenant, the simulacrum assassin. Taking to a thief’s life after being left with nothing, she became a skilled pickpocket - even finding herself having broken into an impenetrable facility and pinching the Jump Drive tech lying inside. Now her her ability to teleport, she’s the most notorious thief out there.

After seeing Revenant make his debut in the Apex Games and stumbling upon facility after facility of Revenant bodies, she made it her mission to find out exactly how to put an end to him once and for all, even if she has to join the games themselves to do it.

That’s our guide to mastering the translocating thief - now get out there, and remember to stave off the tunnel vision.


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