Spider-Man 2 cereal costs almost as much as the game

Spider-Man 2 cereal costs almost as much as the game
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20th Oct 2023 12:28

When it comes to the "crunch," Insomniac's Spider-Man has some of the best and most bizarre collaborations. From Rina Sawayama designing outfits to Addias' sneaker collabs, Spider-Man 2 is going all out, with Sony even releasing a limited edition PS5 console

If you weren't sold on getting 19 inches of Venom (insert side-eye emoji here), how about getting the strength to save the city from a bowl of Spider-Man 2 cereal? Whether you actually want to munch them or display them on a shelf, be warned - the Spider-Man 2 cereal could cost as much as the game. 

Spider-Man 2 cereal costs a small fortune

Spider-Man 2 Wheaties cereal
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Over on the official Wheaties site, you can nab a box of the Spider-Man 2 cereal. The limited run of boxes is dual-facing with both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, with two options available. The standard box is still a whopping $45, which is more than most are willing to spend on a bowl of cereal.

If you want to splash out, there's the $70 version. Both versions come with the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 prequel comic, with the $70 one getting an acrylic case and PSN voucher code for a PlayStation Stars digital collectable.

There are only 2,000 of these cereal boxes being made, with just 500 of the $70 pack. With this in mind, this cereal will surely fly off shelves and onto resale sites like eBay. As we saw with the Van Gogh Pikachu Pokemon cards, scalping is only getting worse with gaming collectables. 

Speaking to Variety, Eric Lempel, Head of Global Business and marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment, explained, "This is really special. Wheaties has had a lot of firsts over the years. They did the first female athlete. They did the first Secretary of State years ago. We're really honored that we could work together."

Spider-Man fans aren't sure about the Wheaties collab

If you're questioning why Sony has gone with the seemingly out-there collaboration with Wheaties, the cereal's creation reminds us of Peter Parker getting his powers from a radioactive spider. Wheaties were born in 1921 when wheat bran mixture spilt into a hot stove and was sizzled into a crisp flake. 

Still, $70 is $70, and considering that's what an actual copy of Spider-Man 2 costs, there are some raised eyebrows. One critic raged, "$45 for some mid cereal and a worthless digital trophy, seems about right for Sony," while another added, "That sh*t better let me play Spider-Man 2 if I stick a Wheatie in the disc drive." 

We've seen some wild gaming collaborations over the years, but alongside Burger King's Miles Morales-themed Whopper, this is some of the weirdest Spidey merch yet. If you're sold, tuck in.

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