Spider-Man 2 theorists convinced they know how PlayStation trilogy will end

Spider-Man 2 theorists convinced they know how PlayStation trilogy will end
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Megan Cooke


26th Oct 2023 19:42

Spider-Man 2 was the most anticipated game of the year for a lot of people and, as a result, many players have already completed the game.

With the game’s big ending leaving a lot of wiggle room for what could happen in the third and final instalment, some players have already crafted theories about what Spider-Man will bring.

Spider-Man 2 players are already theorising about Spider-Man 3




Reddit user waaay2dumb2live began a thread in the Spiderman subreddit titled ‘Calling the ending for Spider-Man 3, which sparked a lively conversation in the comments.

While several commenters agreed with the proposed theory, which sees Peter get the happy ending that many people believe he deserved, others were not so positive.

The comments were fairly evenly split between Peter living happily ever after with MJ and his future kids, and him dying an early death.

The hypothetical happy ending


Waaay2dumb2live, the creator of the thread, theorised: “The ending is going to be Peter and MJ's wedding (which they would foreshadow earlier in the story) and MJ is going to tell Peter that she's pregnant.“This is a complete shot in the dark but hey, maybe it's possible?”

Some users joked about this theory, stating that Peter should invent a suit which doubles as birth control, however others ran with the concept, changing it slightly to fit their own views.

“I think they’ll already be married by the time of SM3 and the ending will be MJ is pregnant if it’s not revealed during the game.” wrote ThatManSean14.

After another user commented that they would expect the baby to be born at the end of the story if the developers go down that route, user JustinUprising said: “Last mission is actually just a wholesome "Peter swings through New York to get to the hospital" with happy music and all.”

Another theory in the same vein sees the game opening with Peter arriving late to his own wedding after fighting bad guys, or Miles doing his best to fulfil his Best Man duties.

Not everyone has such positive expectations for Spider-Man 3

Some of the comments, however, are theorising that the ending of Spider-Man 3 may end up being a lot darker.

User lotj suggested: "They'll open with Peter's wedding, and close with Peter's funeral."

Several other Reddit users predicted that Green Goblin would kill Peter at some point in the final game.

Another rather dark theory sees MJ’s death being the trigger for Peter’s downfall.

User WhiteWhenWrong said: “I have a truly awful expectation that Norman is doing to kill Mary Jane and Peter will eventually sacrifice himself to keep Norman from doing the same to Hailey.”

Only time will tell how Insomniac decides to end the trilogy, and whether Peter will live happily with his family or die fighting. As Spider-Man 2 was only released less than a week ago, there will unfortunately be quite a while to wait until we get any answers.

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