Spider-Man 2 secretly killed a tonne of villains

Spider-Man 2 secretly killed a tonne of villains
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Megan Cooke


27th Oct 2023 21:37

Kraven the Hunter plays a big part in Spider-Man 2 with an entire story-arc about him coming to New York with the intention of finding Villain’s to hunt.

He may have done even more damage to the baddies of NYC than we first thought, however, as there are several villain kills which take place off-screen.

Audio logs reveal three major villains were killed without any screen time

As part of Kraven’s storyline, we see him kill Scorpion when he snaps off his stinger and kills him with it, however this isn’t the only major villain death that he is responsible for.

When looking around Kraven’s hideouts, trophies from Vulture, Electro and Shocker can all be found, alongside audio logs going over the battles and how disappointed he is to have not met his match.

It is unusual for the game to pay so little attention to the deaths of major characters, especially when they were featured in previous games in the franchise.

A player who went out of bounds found Kraven’s kill room… and Rhino’s severed head

The most surprising secret kill however, has to go to one tucked away out of bounds.

Many players wondered why AlekseI Sytsevich, better known as The Rhino, didn’t make an appearance in the game after being such a prominent villain in the previous instalments.

The answer seems like it was lying just out of reach, in Kraven’s hideout which was seemingly removed from the game. And the answer seems to be that Rhino is one of Kraven’s victims.

Redditor Clkzins shared a video in which he explored the hideout, including seeing Rhino’s head mounted alongside the heads of Vulture, Scorpion and Shocker.

Explaining how he found the area, Clkzins said: “I was trying out some glitches that worked on Miles Morales and found out that one of the out of bounds bugs still worked so I started exploring the underground world and found a strange structure that at first I couldn't get in but after a while I found a way in and went forward until a pipe with a invisible wall, using the photo mode and the little hole underneath the pipe I got the camera to bypass the invisible wall and entered a secret room that never appeared anywhere in the game with a throne supposedly from Kraven and trophies of the heads of the villains that were killed and even a Rhino head.”

There is a good chance that Rhino’s death, since it was so hidden away out of bounds, may not actually be canon in the grand scheme of things.

Given the huge role he has played in previous games, it would definitely be shocking to find his severed head with so little fanfare around his death.

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