Spider-Man 2 fans are ‘done’ after Black Cat’s bisexuality reveal

Spider-Man 2 fans are ‘done’ after Black Cat’s bisexuality reveal
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27th Oct 2023 10:58

Another of 2023's big games is accused of going "woke," as Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is being told to pull down its rainbow flags. Unlike Bethesda's Starfield being caught in a pronoun row because you dared give players a choice, Spider-Man 2 is being called out for making one of its characters canonically LGBTQ+. 

As the follow-up to 2018's Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 has raised the bar in almost every aspect. This includes LGBTQ+ representation, with the character of Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, finally coming out as bisexual. Those who've read Marvel comics know this was already established, but apparently, it's too far for a video game.

WARNING SPOILERS: This article contains minor spoilers for Spider-Man 2's "Make Your Own Choices" mission

Spider-Man 2 confirms Black Cat is bisexual

Black Cat Spider-Man 2 bisexual
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You'll remember Black Cat was a minor part of Spider-Man as we hunted her down in the main story, before she had an expanded part in The City That Never Sleeps DLC. Felicia returns in Spider-Man 2, taking us on a wild ride in the "Make Your Own Choices" mission.

Here, Miles Morales helps Felicia escape the clutches of Kraven the Hunter in New York, leading to a thrilling chase with Doctor Strange's portals. When Miles calls her selfish and claims she only looks out for herself, Felicia states she has a girlfriend waiting for her, asking Miles if he's ever "done anything for love." 

Coupled with a reveal of her bisexuality, the softer side of the usually frosty Black Cat is a poignant moment that many have said doesn't feel forced or out of place. However, there's a typically vocal minority who claim they're done with the "woke" Insomniac. Seriously, some of you should research the source material. 

Players are 'done' with Insomniac following Black Cat reveal

With news of Black Cat's sexuality being championed across the Twitterverse, some say they've had it with Insomniac. The scene was leaked ahead of the game's official release, with one critic moaning, "After this game I'm done with Insomniac." Another fumed, "WTF this whole Felica being bi is so wack and forced ☠️ I’m done with this bro."

It only gets worse from here on out, with Felicia's sexuality reveal inadvertently opening a can of worms. A third concluded, "As I expected they want to replace Peter because he's white and make Miles the main spidey. Insomniac need to stop making Spider-Man games.

Insomniac has never been afraid to support the LGBTQ+ community, with a mural depicting different sexualities appearing in Spider-Man 2. Elsewhere, there's a mission where Miles helps a gay couple attend Homecoming together, while the Emily-May Foundation has a non-binary scientist trying to save bees. 

Apparently, Spider-Man 2 has been censored in the UAE, with Pride flags removed and the Homecoming side mission changed to the two men being friends. If you remember how someone made a mod to remove the Pride flags from the first game, it shows that things maybe aren't as progressive as Insomniac would like it to be. 

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