Are Spider-Man’s viral boat people in Spider-Man 2?

Are Spider-Man’s viral boat people in Spider-Man 2?
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Tom Chapman


19th Oct 2023 17:04

Insomniac Games has never been afraid to deliver a shocking demise in its Marvel's Spider-Man games, with the likes of Jefferson Davis and Aunt May being casualties of 2018's Spider-Man. Now, let's pour one out for the viral boat people.

2018's Spider-Man was a colossal achievement for the world of superhero video games, balancing the epic gameplay of Rocksteady's Arkham games with a much brighter aesthetic. Throw in cutting-edge graphics and some of Peter Parker's most infamous rogues, and Spider-Man is rightly held as one of the PS4's greatest.

Who are Spider-Man's boat people?

Insomniac Marvel's Spider-Man boat people
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Not everything was perfect in Spider-Man, and alongside an occasionally clunky camera, some parts were clearly missed in terms of graphics. Still, this gave us the hilarious low-poly boart people who looked a bit like they'd been pulled from Tomb Raider or GoldenEye 007. 

Because Spider-Man was so good, we became oddly obsessed with the most minor details. A bit like how we lost it over reflections in puddles, the Spider-Man boat people were the talk of the town - mainly from Xbox players trying to drag down the PlayStation-exclusive title. 

Insomniac clearly understood the assignment, and instead of hiding from the hilarity of these pixelated abominations, it ran with the joke and made them a feature of the game. There was even a boat people easter egg in the PS5-exclusive Spider-Man Remastered. 

Are Spider-Man's boat people in Spider-Man 2?

As we boot up Spider-Man 2, squeeze into our spandex, and use our web wings to soar down over this expanded New York City, you might be wondering if the boat people made the cut. After all, a whole host of returning heroes and villains have made it into the 2023 sequel.

We've got bad news for you because Spider-Man's boat people are no more. If you head out into the waters of the much larger map, you can hitch a ride on any number of slow-moving or racing boats. Bringing Spider-Man 2 up to date and pushing the PS5 to its limits, we instead have "normal" boat passengers.

While we don't blame Insomniac for the change, many lament the loss of these poor outcasts. "NOOOOOOOOOOO BRING BACK THE BLOCKY PEOPLE!" said one, while another added, "Good to know those guys finally decided to retire. I wish nothing less than the best for them.

Spider-Man 2 is only just out, so it's possible the boat people are out there somewhere, adrift in this sea of normies. Players have vowed to search every boat while looking for them, but if not, give us the boat cut, you cowards. 

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