Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 fans are worried about the latest villain rumour

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 fans are worried about the latest villain rumour
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30th Apr 2024 15:41

When it comes to Spider-Man, our wall-crawling hero is known for his trilogies. Love or loathe the way it ended, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy helped with the current boom of superhero movies, Jon Watts' Spider-Man trilogy solidified Peter Parker in the MCU, and Venom: The Last Dance is set to round out its own trilogy in 2024.

Yes, we know Andrew Garfield never got his chance to lead The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but keeping with the trilogy theme, Insomniac Games is trying to weave another chart-topping smash with Marvel's Spider-Man 3. Following the success of 2018's original and its 2023 sequel, will it be third time lucky for Insomniac? 

Knull points

We know Insomniac is busy working on its long-awaited Wolverine game, and while a recent ransomware attack claimed Spider-Man 3 was heading for a 2028 release date, take that with a pinch of salt. Despite the next outing being years away, that hasn't stopped supposed 'insiders' from spilling secrets like the Daily Bugle.

According to @Rejectedscooper, Knull will be a major antagonist of Spider-Man 3. For those unfamiliar, this primordial deity is one of the darkest Marvel villains out there, created the Necrosword, and has clashed with everyone from Thor to the Silver Surfer.

Spider-Man 2 made Venom the big bad of the story, and with Knull's legacy as the creator of the Klyntar/Symbiote race, he could easily be squeezed into the story. That's just it, though, with the end of Spider-Man 2 setting up the return of Doctor Octopus and the eventual arrival of the Green Goblin, wouldn't this be overkill?

We haven't learned from Spider-Man 3

Knull Marvel Comics
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Image via Marvel Comics

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Spider-Man 2 only scratched the surface of the Symbiotes, and with rumours of a Carnage DLC, expect the story to expand further from here. Still, an otherworldly being like Knull might be too big for Insomniac's world, especially as the team has tried to keep it reasonably grounded by revamping its villains more realistically.

While Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin are sure to be popular choices, the jury's out on whether Knull is right for the threequel. Responding to the news on X/Twitter, one fan grumbled, "How about no??🤨Knull is a venom villain, he’s a literal god of darkness. He has no place in a grounded Spider-Man story."

Another added, "Honestly, this seems like too much," and a third joked, "How tf they gon beat him? The power of MJ?" The sheer scope of Knull has many thinking it's enough to call this scoop out as fake but let's be honest, stranger things have happened.

Even though the first game managed to juggle the Sinister Six and villains ranging from Tombstone to Kingpin, having the major personalities of Doc Ock and Green Goblin alongside such an out-there character like Knull seems jarring. Also, look at how Raimi's Spider-Man 3 was called out for trying to mix Green Goblin together with Venom and Sandman.

We could see Knull working for the rumoured Venom spin-off game or further down the line as part of an expanded Marvel Gaming Universe, shoehorning him into Marvel's Spider-Man 3 just for the sake of boasting a bigger way to round out the trilogy seems like a risk. Well, that's if there's any truth to the rumour. 

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