A Spider-Verse game reportedly underway at Insomniac, leaks suggest

A Spider-Verse game reportedly underway at Insomniac, leaks suggest
Insomniac Games

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13th Dec 2023 15:29

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. That might just be the motto coming out from Insomniac this year, as Marvel's Spider-Man was overlooked at The Game Awards, leaving fans in quite a sore spot.

The web-shooting superhero title might have won the hearts of the gaming community with an absolute feast of action and combat, but its critical acclaim couldn't push it over the top of Baldur's Gate 3 to become game of the year.

Well, it appears Insomniac is working on plenty more with Spider-Man, potentially moving into a multiverse.

Insomniac Games suffer ransomware attack, leaking documents

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Yesterday, Sony confirmed that Insomniac Games had been on the receiving end of a ransomware attack, which left employee personal information and future game ideas subject to being purchased by the highest bidder.

It was suggested that the attack revealed new information about Marvel's Wolverine, still without a release date. The hacker group Rhysida claimed responsibility, posted new images of the Wolverine game, and demanded that the company coughed up cash before more leaks began to emerge over the next seven days.

Just 24 hours after though, one Redditor has noticed that some of the documents released by the ransomware attackers hint at multiple new projects: Marvel's Spider-Man 3, and a game based in the wider Spider-Verse.

Leaked documents hint towards a new Insomniac Spider-Man game

Something from Insomniac leaked documents that could be a hint to a Spider-Verse game.
byu/sut345 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

Previous leaks have alluded to new projects on the cards for our good friends Peter Parker and Miles Morales, with a potential Wolverine and Spider-Man crossover game on the way and other DLC updates including Daredevil.

But, as pointed out by u/sut345, a trilogy title for the recently released game is on the way, and an additional game based on the Spider-Verse.

The leaked documents say the planned projects include "RCE, SM2, SM3, Spider-..." the latter of which is being inferred as Spider-Verse.

The project also cropped up in another leaked document, where one employee is reportedly working on "additional support for Spider-Verse".  

It's worth noting that these leaked reports aren't "official" confirmation, despite Sony's acknowledgment of the data breach, and said documents could have been faked or edited. 

Much of the early fan speculation suggests the Spider-Verse title could be a multiplayer game - given that Insomniac is supposedly making an unnamed title in this genre - where players could make their own Spider-Man character with custom-designed suits and different web-shooting skill sets.

Insomniac also potentially teased a Spider-Verse link within Spider-Man 2 through a cheeky character reference, although fans first thought this was a DLC suggestion or simply a tie-in to the Spider-Verse movies. 

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