V Rising Blood Essence: How To Get And Use Blood Essence

V Rising Blood Essence: How To Get And Use Blood Essence
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19th May 2022 14:57

V Rising Blood Essence is an extremely important resource. V Rising has a lot of different items for players to keep track of, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Blood Essence is one of the most useful, yet not as obvious in its application as the likes of wood or stone. Here is what you need to know about how to get and use V Rising Blood Essence.

V Rising Blood Essence: How To Get It

V Rising Blood Essence: How to get it
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Blood Essence is a resource gained from killing enemies, specifically the ones that have blood in them. Living creatures, meaning wolves, deer, human people, and so on. You fight a lot of skeletons early on in the game and you will notice you receive no blood essence from them. Once you start encountering walking blood bags, you will notice that as you fight them and their health gets low, you will get an option to drain their blood. Doing so will net you some Blood Essence.

If you want to stock up on blood essence, you should find somewhere with plenty of squishy enemies. To find somewhere with a lot of enemies, look for the yellow areas on the map. These denote areas where more enemies spawn, such as bandit camps or lumber mills. Make judicious use of these places to fill your boots with blood.

V Rising Blood Essence: What Does It Do?

V Rising Blood Essence: What it does
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Blood Essence is used pretty much across the board. The first thing you will need Blood Essence for is building your Castle Heart. This is the starting point of building your castle, you place the heart down and build around it. The Castle Heart requires Blood Essence to build, and further Blood Essence to maintain it.

In addition to the Castle Heart, many other items and upgrades need Blood Essence to build. As a vampire, you are going to want to suck the blood of your enemies on a regular basis. For your own health, but also because you will need a healthy supply of Blood Essence throughout the game.

There you have it, everything you need to know about V Rising Blood Essence. For more tips, check out our V Rising Leather guide.


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