V Rising Whetstone: How To Get And Use Whetstones

V Rising Whetstone: How To Get And Use Whetstones
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19th May 2022 15:36

V Rising Whetstones are a necessary tool in the game for making your castle home safe and secure. V Rising puts a heavy focus on building up your castle, particularly to keep you safe out of the sun. To do that you need a roof, and to build a roof you need a Whetstone. Here is everything you need to know about the V Rising Whetstone.

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V Rising Whetstone: How To Get

V Rising Whetstone: how to get them
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There are a couple of ways over the course of the game that you will be able to procure Whetstones. It will be a while before you will be able to craft them, so initially, you will have to find them. To find Whetstones out in the wild, seek out Bandit Strongholds. Check your map for yellow areas, these points of interest hold various enemy holdouts. If you find a Bandit Stronghold, clear out the enemies and loot their bodies. Search the area and you should hopefully find a Whetstone or two.

As your progress further into the game, you will unlock more blueprints to craft more items. In order to craft Whetstones, you will need to defeat a boss. Grayson the Armorer is a level 27 boss so he is no joke. You will need to make significant progress in the game in order to face him and win. Once you do, you can create your own Whetstones with one Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust.


V Rising Whetstone: How To Use

V Rising Whetstone: how to use them
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Like most of the resources in V Rising, Whetstones have multiple uses. Primarily, they are needed in order to build roof slabs. Getting a roof on your castle is crucial, as it allows you to freely travel around your own home during the day. The dastardly sun tends to get in everywhere, so you want a roof over your head if you want to tell it to shove off.

That is it for the V Rising Whetstone. For more tips on the game, check out our V Rising Blood Essence guide.


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