How to save in Lies of P: Manual & autosave explained

How to save in Lies of P: Manual & autosave explained
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Chris Penwell


20th Sep 2023 10:48

Being able to save in Lies of P manually would be a blessing. It would let us revisit phenomenal bosses in the game, and you could also reverse whatever levelling decision you've made without needing to respec.

While manual saving might not be possible, there are a few workarounds that you can utilise to ensure you don't lose progress in this soulslike epic. Here's everything we know about how to save in Lies of P

Can you save in Lies of P?

You cannot manually save in Lies of P.
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There is no way to manually save your progress in Lies of P. The publisher Neowiz could certainly include this in a future patch, but there are currently no plans to bring manual saving to Lies of P as of the time of writing.

There are ways to help you during your journey if you make a mistake. Gemini's Emergency Protection temporarily protects Death Ergo when you're hit. Additionally, you can use the Moonphase Pocket Watch to instantly teleport to the hotel or last stargazer you've interacted with

A manual save would be neat, so you could revisit epic bosses, but unfortunately, that's not possible. Hopefully, the developer will make a boss rush mode or something similar to that in the future.

It's equally as frustrating given that you can't pause the game completely.

Can you start a new game without overwriting progress?

Lies of P supports multiple save files.
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If your current progress in Lies of P is a disaster, due to the lack of a manual save option, you can start a new game. Thankfully, it won't completely override your progress.

A new slot is created in the "Load" screen option. It will tell you the current playtime on the file and the level that Pinocchio is set at. It also tells you the last time the save file was updated on the top right.

That's everything you need to know about whether you can manually save in Lies of P.

If you're curious about the main character in Lies of P, we have you covered. For everything else, keep an eye on our Lies of P homepage.

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