Will Lies of P have multiplayer or co-op?

Will Lies of P have multiplayer or co-op?
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16th Aug 2023 10:13

Many fans will be wondering if Lies of P will have any multiplayer modes, especially co-op. Many games in the Soulslike genre often include the ability to summon a pal, or even play the whole game with a friend - like in Lords of the Fallen.

Lies of P is the latest game entering the increasingly saturated genre of Soulslikes, but what should help the game stand out is its Pinocchio inspiration. You play as the titular P (more commonly known as Pinocchio) who is searching for his creator Geppetto in the city of Krat.

As you search for your creator, you will come across many enemies, including mechanoids and some of them will offer a pretty difficult challenge. So, let's find out if you can bring in a friend and play Lies of P with multiplayer or co-op.

Will Lies of P have multiplayer?

A monster in Lies of P
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Lies of P will not have any multiplayer at launch. There has been no mention of multiplayer anywhere on the website's page, as well as no hint of it during the demo that was released recently. There is a chance multiplayer could come to the game later down the line, but for now, Lies of P will be a completely single-player game.

Will Lies of P have co-op?

Four enemies holding a coffin in Lies of P
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Much like the above, Lies of P will also have no co-op modes in the game either. This is unusual for a Soulslike, as bringing in other players to help with bosses has become a big part of these games, and something the community often enjoys.

That is all there is to know about whether or not Lies of P will have any multiplayer or co-op modes when it releases later this year. If you’re still unsure about the game, why not give our preview a look where we compare the game to Bloodborne, one of FromSoftware’s best games to date.

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