Lies of P Petrification Disease explained: Should you cure Antonia?

Lies of P Petrification Disease explained: Should you cure Antonia?
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Lies of P has a lot of interesting mechanics and lore behind it, including the Petrification Disease that plays an important part in the game’s story. We came across many characters with the Petrification disease, as well as enemies that have been taken over by it.

One of the main characters in Hotel Krat, Antonia, suffers from this disease. However, should you cure Antonia of the Petrification Disease, and how much does it change the story?

Here is everything you need to know about the Petrification Disease in Lies of P, and how it affects the game.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide contains spoilers for the story of Lies of P.

What is the Petrification Disease in Lies of P?

The Petrification Disease is a pandemic that has taken many lives from residents who live in Krat. Those who are infected have to stay within the Petrification quarantine zone and aren’t allowed out.

The Petrification Disease turns people's blood blue, and also covers the patient in hard scales, subsequently turning their skin a blue colour, too. These residents are quarantined and people are advised not to talk to them, as they are “sick in the soul or body”.

One of the main characters who you come across with the Petrification Disease is Antonia, who sits within Hotel Krat. You have the option to cure her, should you want to.

Should you cure Antonia of Petrification Disease in Lies of P?

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To begin the quest of giving Antonia the cure, you first have to defeat the King of Puppets. When you return to Hotel Krat, Polendina won’t be in his usual place and he will ask you to meet him in the Hotel’s garden.

He admits that he is in love with Lady Antonia, and wants to marry her. Julian was married to a puppet, so the possibility is there. You can show him the Wedding Ring from their marriage, and he will be overjoyed.

Visit Antonia and she will say that her disease is getting worse. She stares frequently at the portrait of her, and asks whether she still looks good. You can tell her “Of Course” to make her happy.

Once you’ve spoken to her, speak to Polendina again and he will mention that he knows of an Alchemist who is making a cure out of Gold Coin Fruit. In order to progress this story, you have to defeat Champion Victor, and then you can speak to Giangio about the cure.

He says that for one Gold Coin Fruit, he will make the cure. Giangio provides you with the cure, and then the choice is yours whether you cure Antonia or not.

Speak with Polendina and you will be able to administer the cure. This will reward you with a Radiant Ergo Fragment. Polendina will then slowly get better, and then the Hotel gets ambushed. Find Antonia and Polendina in Gepetto’s office and speak to them.

From there, progress to Arche Abbey and defeat Laxasia the Complete. When you return to Hotel Krat, Polendina will tell you that Lady Antonia has died

By completing this story, you get the Story of the Refined Lady achievement or trophy.

That’s everything you need to know about whether you should cure Antonia or not. 

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