How to change shape in Lies of P

How to change shape in Lies of P
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6th Oct 2023 16:24

Lies of P has many interesting features in the game, including the ability to change shape. This is a feature that isn’t instantly available to you in the game, so it may be confusing when the time comes around and you don’t know how to use this ability. 

You can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things in Lies of P, including becoming more human over time depending on whether you lie or tell the truth to the people you come across on your journey. You can also become more human by using records, or by answering the riddles from Arlecchino.

Here is what it means to change shape in Lies of P, and how it can change the gameplay for you.

What is changing shape in Lies of P?

While the option to change shape in Lies of P is in the same menu as the P-Organ, it isn’t at all related to that - this mechanic concerns Gepetto. Changing shape allows you to slowly change your appearance over time. For example, if Pinocchio happens to lie a lot, subtle changes will happen that you may notice throughout the game. This includes his hair growing out slightly, making him look more human. 

However, if you aren’t a fan of this look, you can use the Change Shape menu to get rid of the longer hair and go back to the style that you started with at the beginning of the game. It’s worth noting that all of these changes are purely cosmetic, and don’t affect the gameplay in any way.

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For example, I personally chose to change P's hair back to the shorter style when I was halfway through the game. I just prefer it that way!

That’s everything you need to know about changing shape in Lies of P and how it affects your game. 

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