Lies Of P Cranks: What are they & where to find them?

Lies Of P Cranks: What are they & where to find them?
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3rd Oct 2023 10:35

Feeling a little bit rusty in Lies of P and want to 'crank' up your playstyle? Well, I’ve got some good news, as you can find Cranks in Lies of P that can seamlessly adjust your damage output on the spot, putting the focus on a specific stat.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cranks in Lies of P and where to find them in the game.

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What are Cranks in Lies of P?

Crank in Lies of P
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As is the typical formula for this type of game, weapon scaling is an essential part of optimising your build, and in Lies of P, you can easily adjust these mechanics by taking advantage of the Cranks system.

Whilst exploring Krat, four types of Cranks can be found: Advance, Balance, Motivity, and Technique. Each of these is a direct mention of one of the game’s stats that you can invest points into when you level up – and each one provides different bonuses.

Although the naming conventions are different in Lies of P, Technique is Dexterity, which is most beneficial for weapons that are quick to swing, while Motivity is Strength.

However, some weapons may have elemental/magical effects to them, which is where the Advance stat comes into play. Applying a Crank to your weapon’s handle will directly influence the statistics of that weapon’s damage scaling, so make sure to use them on a weapon you think would be most appropriate.

Where to find Cranks in Lies of P

Exploring Krat Lies of P
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Just like with Moonstones, Cranks are scattered throughout Krat in different locales, but they're usually under the protection of a considerably more powerful adversary.

If you run into an enemy that’s stood right next to a chest or item, there’s a likelihood of this item being what you’re after. For instance, you can find the Technique Crank in the Venigni Works Control Room, across the narrow ledges near the Stargazer, but there are also other areas where this item can be found.

Additionally, you can purchase them from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat, although they are in limited supply.

That’s everything you need to know about Cranks in Lies of P. Taking advantage of this particular subset of items will help you optimise your build, and hopefully make your journey a tad bit easier.

Make sure you check out our Lies of P homepage for the latest news and guides.

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