Lies of P hub area: What to do & who you meet in Hotel Krat

Lies of P hub area: What to do & who you meet in Hotel Krat
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15th Sep 2023 15:00


In Lies of P, you’re going to meet an assortment of mysterious characters, and a lot of them will congregate in the main hub area: the Hotel Krat. So if you're wondering what you can do and who you can talk to there – we’re here to provide all the answers you need.

Soulslike games similar to Lies of P are renowned for their hub areas, be it Dark Souls’ Firelink Shrine, Bloodborne’s Hunter’s Dream, or most recently, the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring.

The Hotel Krat is Lies of P's version of this, so here we’re going to be breaking down everything you can do and everyone you can talk to there in the game – so read on to find out all the information you’ll need.

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SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

How to get to Hotel Krat in Lies of P

You will have to beat the Parade Master if you're going to get to Hotel Krat in Lies of P
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To get to Hotel Krat in Lies of P, you’re going to have to progress through the early stages of the game and defeat the Parade Master guarding the entrance.

As you meander across Krat, you will see the Hotel looming ominously over the land, but despite its looks, it is a safe haven for you to rest your weary puppet strings in.

What can you do in Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Pinocchio and Sophie, one of the NPCs in the Hotel Krat in Lies of P
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With the Hotel Krat acting as your Hub, there is an assortment of activities that you can do here to help you get stronger and improve your chances of survival on the harsh streets of Krat:

  • Upgrade weapons
  • Upgrade and change Legion Arms
  • Purchase Items
  • Level-up stats
  • Gain new Innate Abilities
  • Fast travel to the repaired Stargazers
  • Pet the cat (or at least try to)

While these are the activities you can perform in Hotel Krat, you’re going to need to speak to several NPCs to activate them.

Who can you talk to in Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Antonia, one of the residents of the Hotel Krat in Lies of P
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As you explore the Hotel Krat, you’ll come to know the denizens that roam its forsaken halls. Below, we’ve broken them down, so you know who to speak to start getting some upgrades and more.


The elusive owner of the Hotel Krat provides some insight into the main story of Lies of P… and maybe more.


Eugenie acts as this game’s equivalent of a blacksmith and will help you upgrade your assorted weapons, assuming you have the right materials to do so.


While not immediately available, Geppetto will head to Hotel Krat early on in the game after finding him at the Mad Donkey boss fight. He will allow you to upgrade your innate abilities and develop a skill tree, as well as send you on your merry way of murderous intent.


Poldenia is the automated receptionist in Hotel Krat who also doubles as a merchant, allowing you to buy and sell items whenever necessary.


Sophia acts as your conduit for levelling up in Lies of P. Similar to the Firekeeper in Dark Souls 3 or The Doll in Bloodborne, she will exchange the Ergo you collect from defeating enemies and transfigure it to allow you to level up your various stats.


Eventually, you'll be tasked with finding Venigni and bringing him back to Hotel Krat. After you do, following some significant side objectives, he will be loitering around and helping you craft new Legion Arms, as well as upgrading the ones you already have.

That’s everything you need to know about the denizens of Hotel Krat in Lies of P. If you’re looking for more characters to talk to, be sure to check out how to complete the Weeping Woman side quest for a unique reward.

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