How to find Wandering Merchants in Lies of P

How to find Wandering Merchants in Lies of P
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Wandering Merchants can be incredibly helpful in Lies of P, as they sell a variety of items that can be useful to you - from Throwing Cells to Fable Catalysts. You come across them fairly early in the game, but they also pop up in a variety of places in Krat.

Equally, you can sell to them as well as purchase goods from them. Each vendor sells something slightly different, so it’s worth checking out their stock to see what they have for you. For example, some sell weapons and some sell amulets as well as defensive parts for P. 

Here is where you can find every Wandering Merchant in Lies of P.

Where are the Wandering Merchants in Lies of P?

Alidoro in St. Frangelico's Cathedral in Lies of P
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#1 - Carasani Alley

The first Wandering Merchant is found very early on, and you can’t miss him. Once you get into Carasani Alley, you will find him standing next to some cardboard cutouts. This merchant comes just before the Parade Master

Item Cost Type
Electric Blitz Abrasive Consumable 250 Ergo
Fable Catalyst Consumable 400 Ergo
Greatsword of Fate Weapon 300 Ergo
Puppet's Saber Weapon 300 Ergo
Throwing Cell Throwable 200 Ergo
Wintry Rapier Weapon 300 Ergo

#2 - Elysion Boulevard

Once you’ve defeated the Parade Master, you’ll find the second Merchant in Elysion Boulevard. When you reach the Stargazer named Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard, the merchant room is on the left side of the Stargazer. 

Item Type Cost
Attribute Resistance Ampoule Consumable 180 Ergo
Electric Blitz Abrasive Consumable 440 Ergo
Electric Blitz Canister Throwable 390 Ergo
Electric Coil Stick Weapon 1200 Ergo
Gemini's Emergency Protection Consumable 390 Ergo
Gemini's Iron Protection Consumable 390 Ergo
Legion Magazine Consumable 180 Ergo
Throwing Cell Throwable 280 Ergo

#3 - St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Rooftop

The next Merchant you can come across is Alidoro. He plays a very important role in the game, as he allows you to exchange Rare Ergo for Boss Weapons. In order to find him, you’ll need to go to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library and use the elevator that will take you up to the rooftop where you will find him. 

For each new Rare Ergo, his inventory will update to reflect the new weapons and amulets you can purchase.

For more of Alidoro's stock, keep reading...
Item Type Cost
Arm of God Amulet Amulet Reborn Champion’s Ergo
Awakened God’s Amulet Amulet Fallen One’s Ergo
Conquering Amulet Amulet King’s Flame Ergo
Dancing One’s Amulet Amulet Parade Leader’s Ergo
Etiquette Special Weapon Broken Hero’s Ergo
Extreme Modification Amulet Amulet Broken Hero’s Ergo
Frozen Feast Special Weapon Reborn Champion’s Ergo
Ghost Walk Amulet Amulet Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
Holy Sword of the Ark Special Weapon King’s Flame Ergo
Here is some more of Alidoro's stock below...
Item Type Cost

Impregnable Fortress Amulet

Amulet Sad Zealot’s Ergo
Nameless One’s Amulet Amulet Twisted Angel’s Ergo
Noblesse Oblige Special Weapon Fallen One’s Ergo
Piercing Hatred Amulet Amulet Nameless Puppet’s Ergo
Proof of Humanity Special Weapon Nameless Puppet’s Ergo
Puppet Ripper Special Weapon Burnt-White King’s Ergo
Seven-Coil Spring Sword Special Weapon Parade Leader’s Ergo
Trident of the Covenant Special Weapon Twisted Angel’s Ergo
Triumvirate Amulet Amulet Burnt-White King’s Ergo


Item Type Cost
Two Dragons Sword Special Weapon Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
Uroboros’ Eye Special Weapon Sad Zealot’s Ergo

#4 - Red Lobster Inn

The next Merchant you find is in Malum District. You can find him at the Red Lobster Inn. In order to find him, go to the upper floor of the Red Lobster Inn, and behind some barrels will be a hidden ladder.

Go up the ladder and there you will find the Merchant hiding away. However, in order to access him, you either need to beat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, bribe him or find the Smiling Bunny Mark to give him. 

More items below...
Item Type Cost
Acid Abrasive Consumable 620 Ergo
Acid Canister Throwable 550 Ergo
Arch Shock Cartridge x1 Cartridge 1,400 Ergo
Bramble Curved Sword x1 Weapon 2,000 Ergo
Carcass Body Fluid Bottle Throwable 400 Ergo
Cluster Grenade Throwable 470 Ergo
Electric Blitz Abrasive Consumable 620 Ergo
Electric Blitz Canister Throwable 550 Ergo
Fire Abrasive Consumable 620 Ergo


Item Type Cost
Fire Canister Throwable 550 Ergo
Saw Blade Throwable 470 Ergo
Sawtoothed Wheel Throwable 90 Ergo
Sharp Pipe Throwable 470 Ergo
Shot Put Throwable 470 Ergo
Someday Record 3,800 Ergo
Thermite Throwable 400 Ergo
Throwing Cell Throwable 400 Ergo

#5 - Lorenzini Arcade

The fifth Wandering Merchant is in Lorenzini Arcade. In order to find him, you will have to meet him at the Fountain. In order to do so, it’s easiest to follow the path from the quest where you obtain Wine for the Old Lady at the Window. By doing this quest, it will take you to the fountain, where you can find the Merchant standing close to the fountain.

Item Type Cost
Attribute Purification Ampoule Consumable 260 Ergo
Circular Electric Chainsaw Weapon 3,200 Ergo
Fire Abrasive Consumable 440 Ergo
Fire Canister Throwable 390 Ergo
Indomitable Amulet Amulet 2,400 Ergo
Special Purification Ampoule Consumable 200 Ergo
Thermite Throwable 280 Ergo

#6 - Krat Central Station

The next merchant is found at Krat Central Station. In order to find him, you first have to find the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer. Once you’ve found the Stargazer, follow the stairs upwards and he will be in the next room to your left

Keep reading for more items below...
Item Cost Type
Acid Abrasive Consumable 440 Ergo
Acid Canister Throwable 390 Ergo
Carcass Body Fluid Bottle Throwable 280 Ergo
Cluster Grenade Throwable 330 Ergo
LADA Large Capacity Corrosion Resistance Converter Converter 2,200 Ergo
LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter Converter 2,200 Ergo
LADA Large Capacity Radiation Converter Converter 2,200 Ergo
Legion Caliber Enhancement Materials 4,000 Ergo
Military Shovel Weapon 3,500 Ergo


Item Type Cost
Shot Put Throwable 330 Ergo
Stabilised Alchemical Booster Special Materials 1,600 Ergo

#7 - Arche Abbey

The final merchant is found towards the end of the game, in Arche Abbey. You can first meet him near the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer, but he won’t be acting as a merchant. In order to access his shop, you need to defeat Laxasia the Complete. He will then relocate to Rosa Isabelle Street

Unlock the front doors of the Arche Abbey, and find him on the bridge that looks over the street where the battle with the Mad Clown Puppet took place.

Item Type Cost
Sawtoothed Wheel Throwable 60 Ergo
Saw Blade Throwable 330 Ergo
Sharp Pipe Throwable 330 Ergo
Carcass Crystal Axe Weapon 3,700 Ergo
LADA Disruption Cartridge Cartridge 2,300 Ergo
The White Lady’s Hunting Apparel Costume 5,000 Ergo

That’s everything you need to know about how to find all seven Merchants in Lies of P and where they are in the game, as well as what items they sell. 

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