Does Lies of P have an easy difficulty mode?

Does Lies of P have an easy difficulty mode?
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Lies of P is on the horizon, and many players are excited to get stuck in the game after playing the demo, but does Lies of P have an easy difficulty mode? Demo players found the first three bosses to have a range of difficulty, but they proved to be quite challenging. This has led some to wonder if there will be an easy mode in the full release of the game. 

Here, we will explain whether the game will allow players to take it easy, or whether you will have to suffer it in typical Soulslike fashion and deal with the difficulty. Here is whether Lies of P will have an easy mode.

Does Lies of P have an easy difficulty mode?

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Unfortunately, Lies of P does not have an easy difficulty mode. This means you will have to battle it out, level up, and try new gear and new strategies until you are able to beat the enemies or bosses that you are struggling with.

This is because the Lies of P director doesn’t believe that Soulslikes should have difficulty options.

In an interview with Dualshockers, the Lies of P director Choi Ji-Won stated, “No, you can’t choose difficulty options in Lies of P. We believe Soulslike games shouldn’t have difficulty options. We believe the tightness of the level design is one of the most attractive things about this genre.”

If you were hoping for an easier ride through the game, it unfortunately looks like it won’t be happening, as you will have to grind your way through the experience until you are able to defeat the bosses that you are struggling to take down.

However, if you're struggling, we have guides that can help you with the first couple of bosses, such as the Parade Master.

That’s everything you need to know about Lies of P difficulty settings. 

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