Where to find Moonstones in Lies of P

Where to find Moonstones in Lies of P
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2nd Oct 2023 17:29

Upgrading your weapons is an essential part of any Soulslike and Lies of P is no different, requiring you to utilize hidden Moonstones to enhance your arsenal.

There are many ways to stumble across them throughout the gothic Pinocchio-inspired adventure, so here’s everything you need to know about obtaining Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P.

Where do you find Hidden Moonstones in Lies Of P?

Just like with FromSoftware’s selection of Souls games, Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P are your ticket to improving your chosen armament. Finding them is often a simple endeavour, though you may need to work a little bit harder on occasion, by fighting an enemy that is definitely out for your blood.

At the beginning of the adventure, it’s highly recommended to explore every nook and cranny of the environment you find yourself in. However, unlike other Soulslikes, Lies of P is often considerably more linear, so if you see an item during your travels, there’s often a chance of it being a Hidden Moonstone or two.

After progressing through the first few areas of the game and arriving at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, you can find an item called the Krat Supply Box. If you head back to Hotel Krat after obtaining this item, you can give it to Polendina – the shopkeeper and attendant, which allows you to purchase Hidden Moonstones in bulk, as long as you’ve got the ergo to hand over.

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Types of Moonstones In Lies Of P

Moonstones in Lies of P are separated into various types, based on their functionality and the number of upgrades they can provide.

For instance, the Hidden Moonstones we’ve been discussing so far in this guide can rank a weapon up to +3, whereas Crescent Moonstones can rank your gear up to +6.

Following on from that Moonstone, you have Half Moonstones (ranks weapons up to +9) and Full Moonstones (+10). However, you will need to collect a hefty amount of Moonstones for each tier you rank up.

For example, you'll start by using 2 Moonstones to upgrade to +1, followed by 3 for +2, and then 4 for +3. And then, once you reach the next tier of upgrades, such as going from using Hidden Moonstones to Crescent Moonstones, this process will repeat itself.

That’s everything you need to know about Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P. With this knowledge, you'll be able to make your fight against the puppets of Krat a whole lot easier.

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