What are the stat caps in Lies of P?

What are the stat caps in Lies of P?
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9th Oct 2023 16:44

Going through Lies of P, you'll have to spend your Ergo to level up efficiently so that you can scale alongside enemies and be able to fight them with no issue. However, if you have levelled up excessively, you may be hitting the soft cap.

A lot of the game also relies on what weapons you equip and what items you use to ensure your victory in many fights, whether they be regular mobs or boss fights.

Here are the soft stat caps that you need to be aware of in Lies of P.

What are the soft stat caps in Lies of P?

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A soft cap is when you hit a certain level, and you no longer gain as much of the stat as you would if you were uncapped. For example, you may get six to seven points towards a stat if you’re uncapped, but with soft cap level-ups, you only get one to three points per level-up. Most of the stat caps are the same in Lies of P, except for Vitality.

The highest level you can hit before seeing diminishing returns on your stats is level 60. However, levels 30 and 40 are the optimal levels for most of your stats, and by moving on and levelling something else afterwards, you allow your character to have a balanced build. 

That’s everything you need to know about the soft stat caps in Lies of P. 

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