Best weapon combos in Lies of P for Advance, Motivity & Technique weapons

Best weapon combos in Lies of P for Advance, Motivity & Technique weapons
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If you want to know what the best weapon combos are in Lies of P, we'll explain all of the best blades and handles that you can assemble together in order to make them the strongest weapons that they can be to get you through the game.

You'll find plenty of weapons and you play through Lies of P, whether you come across them in the world or by exchanging rare Ergo for boss weapons with Alidoro.

However boss weapons cannot disassemble them, so you will only be able to use the weapons that you find organically or purchase from vendors to create specific combos (and is also reliant on what stat you are revolving your build around, whether it be Advance, Technique or Motivity).

So, if you're looking to create the best weapon combinations available in Lies of P, keep reading for a breakdown of those you'll not want to pass by. 

Best Motivity weapon combos in Lies of P

Lies of P motivity weapon assembly
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One of the best Motivity weapon combos you can have is the Booster Glaive blade combined with the Big Pipe Wrench handle, which has an overall scaling of B. With Motivity weapons, you may find it harder to dodge attacks from enemies, as your attacks take some time to build up with hefty swings. 

However, the Booster Glaive blade combined with the Big Pipe Wrench handle allows you to have more range between you and the enemy, as the weapon is rather long. 

Another great combo is the Acidic Crystal Spear blade combined with the Big Pipe Wrench handle. The Acidic Crystal Spear usually lacks in range, but combining it with the Big Pipe Wrench handle gives it range and boosts the Motivity scaling to B. 

Best combos for Technique weapons

Lies of P Booster Glaive weapon
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There are plenty of Technique weapons that are very strong and have good scaling in Lies of P. For example, combining the Salamander Dagger blade with the Booster Glaive handle gives the weapon a longer handle, and still allows you to leave enemies scorching over time. 

Another ideal option would be the Electric Stick Head and the Wintry Rapier’s Handle. Whilst the weapon doesn’t have the best scaling, it allows you to be agile in your attacks whilst electrifying enemies. 

Lies of P's best Advance weapon combos

Advance weapon in Lies of P
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If you want to have an elemental build or use your Legion Arm more, this is what the Advance stat is for, and there are a couple of elemental weapons that have great stats when combined with others.

Using the Wintry Rapier’s Blade with the Acidic Crystal Spear Handle, for example, allows for long-range attacks and fast jabs at enemies if you want to have some safety in the game.

Equally, the Dancer’s Sword blade and the Salamander Dagger Handle also go well together, as they allow you to attack quickly, and also have very powerful heavy attacks that you can use on the enemy. 

Those are our suggestions for the best weapon combos in Lies of P. Of course, you may find something else that works better for you.

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