Can you pause Lies of P?

Can you pause Lies of P?
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8th Sep 2023 11:42

As more jump into the demo and the full game, some players will wonder if you can pause Lies of P. Afterall, those new to soulslike games may be confused when pressing the Menu button to find that both the enemies and other environmental elements are still moving as normal.

With that, it's easy to be curious if there's another way to properly pause the game. So, let's get into everything there is to know about pausing Lies of P.

Can you pause Lies of P?

Walking through Krat in Lies of P, the game of which you cannot pause
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Disappointing for some, you cannot pause Lies of P in-game - meaning when you press the Menu button to view or change your equipment, or even go into the full settings menu, enemies will still be active around you.

In fact, if you go into the settings menu or try to change your equipment, you'll be brought right back into the game as soon as you take damage from an enemy strike. What's more, even if you leave the game with it running in the background of your system, like returning to the main PS5 menu to change your console settings, Lies of P will still be going as normal in-game - potentially having you come back to see you've already been killed by one of the monstrous puppets whilst you were away.

Much of the appeal of Lies of P lies in being a Soulslike twist on the classic Pinnochio tale - adding a new spin on FromSoftware titles like Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and Dark Souls which helped inspire the new Round8 Studio-Neowiz Games title - all of which can't pause either. 

However, if being able to traditionally fully pause in-game is a priority to you, it could be said that Lies of P took a little too much inspiration from its genre contemporaries.

What is the closest you can get to pausing Lies of P?

P (Pinnochio) in Lies of P
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So you can safely explore the in-game menus or get up to take a quick break from playing, the closest you can get to pausing in Lies of P is either by finding a safe area - such as the Stargazer respawn points or anywhere you know there are no enemies nearby.

Besides being able to stand idle worry-free in areas you've already cleared of enemy puppets, the best spots to allow for a pause-like scenario in Lies of P are any of the Stargazers you've unlocked - since enemies don't usually spawn there - or even using one to fast travel back to your home base, Hotel Krat.

Alternatively, you can always just exit the game by going into the "Settings" menu, the "Exit" tab, and selecting "Title Screen" to effectively pause Lies of P as well. This is because the game autosaves very frequently, even after performing minor actions like changing an item in one of your inventory slots. 

So, when you return to the game from the title screen afterwards, you'll enter the game in the same spot where you last autosaved.

That's everything you need to know from our guide answering if you can pause Lies of P, along with any alternative methods you can use.

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