How to find & open the Trinity Sanctum Doors in Lies of P

How to find & open the Trinity Sanctum Doors in Lies of P
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There are a variety of puzzles in Lies of P, including finding all of the Trinity Doors. Finding these doors is important, but in order to open them you have to get your hands on Trinity Keys. To do so, you have to be able to answer riddles from Arlecchino, the “King of Riddles”.

Answer his riddle and you’ll be able to get your hands on a Trinity Key to open up the Trinity Door in the game, of which there are five hidden around Krat. They have immense bounties inside, so make sure you are answering those riddles correctly to get your hands on the keys to open the doors!

Here's everything you need to know about how to find and unlock the Trinity Sanctum Doors in Lies of P.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers for Lies of P.

Where is the Workshop Union Culvert Trinity Door?

Trinity Door in Workshop Union Culvert in Lies of P
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In total, there are five Trinity Sanctum Doors scattered around Krat for you to find. They can be a bit tricky to find but we will tell you how to find all of them, so make sure to keep reading if you need to find the Trinity Doors in Lies of P.

The first Trinity Door isn’t found until Act Three when you make your way to the Workshop Union Culvert.

  • From the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer, go up the steps that lead into the sewer, but be careful of the fireball that will easily take out half of your health
  • Make your way carefully up the hill and then turn right at the passage that is closest to the end of the tunnel
  • Once you’ve done that, follow the path out, turn left, and go into the next indoor area of this section
  • Turn right instead of going through the red tunnel. Follow the passage until you see a Trinity Door on the left. Use the key and you will go inside to be given a Quartz and the Blue Blood’s Tailcoat

Where is the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel Trinity Door?

Frangelico's Cathedral Chapel Trinity Door in Lies of P
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  • Starting at the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel Stargazer, head into the Cathedral and down a broken path towards a hole in the ground
  • Climb down the ladder. In this room will be clockwork mechanisms, plenty of wooden scaffolding, and some ladders that will take you upwards. Climb the ladders so you can get onto the rafters, and go down the ladder on the other side
  • This will take you into an area with an electric ball hazard. Avoiding the ball, make your way up the slope, and head into the alcove on the right
  •  There’s another ladder for you to climb. This will take you into a secret area. Take extra care here, as the electric balls drop from this height, and can damage you as well
  • Going up the ramp, the Trinity Room is on the left-hand side of the tunnel. In this room, you will find the Black Cat Amulet and the Monster Sweeping Apparel

Where is the Estella Opera House Trinity Door?

Estella Opera House in Lies of P
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  • The Trinity Door in this area of the game is found in Estella Opera House. At the bottom of the room before you encounter the boss, follow the mandatory route through the room, taking care with the tough enemies
  • Don’t cross the beam to the boss encounter, and instead drop down and turn around, where you’ll see the next Trinity Door. This will give you a Quartz and the Belford Superior Radiation Converter

Where is the Krat Central Station Lobby Trinity Door?
Krat Central Station in Lies of P
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  • From the Krat Central Station Stargazer, head down the stairs on the left of the exit
  • This door is now open from the first time you visited. The Trinity Door is directly ahead of you. Inside you’ll find the Carrier’s Amulet +1 and the Workshop Master’s Workwear inside. 

  • Here's the full achievement list for Lies of P if you want to hunt them down in the game

Where is theArche Abbey Outer Wall Trinity Door?

Arche Abbey Outer Wall combat in Lies of P
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  • Make your way through the area and you will encounter a tall indoor area with wooden beams. At the bottom of this room is the final Trinity Room
  • However, to enter this Trinity Room you need a different key. You get the Chosen One’s Trinity Key. This is obtained simply by answering Arlecchino’s final riddle.  Once you head inside, you’ll find Arlecchino as well as a Quartz and an Alchemist Cape.

That’s everything you need to know about how to answer the riddles in Lies of P, as well as how to get your hands on the items from the Trinity Rooms in the game. 

All Arlecchino Riddle Answers

"Your Springs Are Reacting" P stood in front of a Payphone in Lies of P
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These riddles are given to you over the phone by Arlecchino. Make sure you have the sound effects turned up, as Arlecchino will be contacting you over a ringing payphone. Corresponding with each door, there are five riddles that you will have to answer from him. However, don’t panic if you don’t know how to find the payphones, as we will have a step-by-step on how to find each payphone along with the answer. 

Riddle one: Krat City Hall

  • Work through the streets from the Krat City Hall Stargazer.
  • There will be a bridge that leads to the Workshop Union. Instead of crossing it, head through the passage on the right that will take you to the phone. Arlecchino will ask you the answer to the riddle, which is Human

Riddle two: Malum District

  • The second phone is located just outside of the central courtyard in Malum District.
  • Walk towards the Red Lobster Inn and take a left into the main room, then exit the building using the stairs.
  • Make your way through the streets of Malum District until you see a ladder on the right just before you reach the courtyard.
  • Climb the ladder, and you’ll see the second phone. The answer to the riddle is Candle

Riddle three: Grand Exhibition Gallery

  • From the Grand Exhibition Gallery Stargazer, fight a room full of puppets that are trying to break through the gate. Then, you will find the phone in a room just past this, where the answer to the riddle is Egg
  • However, you won’t get the key until you find the “Woman of Cold”
  •  From the phone, walk the linear path until you reach a machine gun-wielding enemy. Get rid of them, and then there will be a room with two statues
  • The one on the right can be turned twice so that it matches the one on the left. Once you have completed this, it will reveal a slot where you can grab the Trinity Key from it

Riddle four: Krat Central Station Street Stargazer

  • Go through the alcove and follow the straight path ahead
  • When you reach the crossroads, look to the left and you will see the payphone. The answer to this riddle is Ergo

Riddle five: Relic of Trismegistus Stargazer

  • Above the entrance to the boss door, there is a cliff
  • On top of this cliff, you will find the payphone. It’s pretty hard to miss. You can answer either Yes or No to this riddle

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