Where to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P

Where to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P
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6th Oct 2023 17:13

When playing Lies of P, you’re going to need some Star Fragments when scrapping bosses. Lies of P follows Pinocchio as he tries to find Geppetto in the city of Krat, while also cracking the mystery of all the puppets going rogue.

The latest entry into the increasingly popular Soulslike genre has plenty of different items you will need to collect to improve your experience and beat all the bosses you encounter. One of these items is the Star Fragments, but they aren’t easy to find and no merchant sells them in the game.

For that reason, we have outlined below where you can find the Star Fragments and where you can farm them too.

Where to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P

Lies of P Star Fragment location
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Before you reach the Scrapped Watchmen boss fight in the Krat City Hall. There is a big, headless puppet, pounding the floor. This enemy will drop a Star Fragment nearly every time and that is where I have been going when I am running low.

After you have beaten the Scrapped Watchmen, you can travel to Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer. Head down the alley where there are two puppets (who also have a very small chance of dropping Star Fragments), turn left and you'll find the big hunking enemy. You will also earn plenty of Ergo during this process, earning both Star Fragments and a couple of levels too.

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What are Star Fragments in Lies of P?

Lies of P Star Fragments
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Star Fragments are an item you can find that will allow you to summon a Specter during boss fights. Before you get to a boss, there will be a blue liquid sitting in a stone basin. Interacting with this will allow you to spend a single Star Fragment that will bring in an NPC to the boss fight to lend a hand.

If you’re enjoying Lies of P, but wondering how to get more Moonstones we have you covered. For everything else, check out our Lies of P homepage with plenty more guides and news.

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