How to win Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2

How to win Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2
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20th Feb 2024 17:26

Defend Campaigns are part of Helldiver 2’s ongoing war against the Terminids and Automatons. They’re part of a shared major order that offers players huge rewards, so they’re worth completing. How exactly you do that in-game isn’t as simple as it first appears, however. 

What are Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2?

a planet with the word defend above it, two bars show the automatons are winning, a lot
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Defend Campaigns aren’t singular missions, nor are they even a set of missions. When you open the Galactic Map and see planets with the word ‘DEFEND’ above them and a blue and red bar, that’s a Defend Campaign. Completing missions and operations on a planet will add to the blue bar, and our aim is to make the blue bar outpace the red - a tricky feat against the Automatons.

Once a bar reaches the end, the Defend Campaign is over. If the enemy wins, it’s lost and doesn’t count toward the total necessary to receive the reward.

How to win Defend Campaigns

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As long as you’ve participated in a successful mission or multi-mission operation and seen a screen showing the planet’s total liberation going up, it will count toward your total if it’s successful overall

Your best bet for ensuring success is teaming up with friends or sticking with a group of strong strangers and doing as many operations on as many Defend Campaign planets as you can. It may seem like each victory is basically insignificant, but ignore that communist part of your brain telling you Helldivers 2 is trying to teach you something about the futile nature of war. Lock and load, drop in, and spread democracy far and wide.

There’s no individual way to ensure any of these Defend Campaigns will be successful. They’re such huge undertakings that they require the effort of the entire Helldivers 2 community.

If you notice multiple planets have Defend Campaigns, simply ensure you’ve completed operations on each one, that way as long as the overall Campaigns are successful, your total will increase. It’s better to do this and get a point for each planet than focusing on one planet only. This is because your individual efforts aren’t counted, just whether or not you participated as part of the greater whole. Wait a minute, that sounds exactly like communism.

If you want to ensure you’ve got the best chance of winning your operations, make sure you check out our weapons tier list and our best armour guide. For more helpful Helldivers 2 guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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