Here's what Galactic War progress means in Helldivers 2

Here's what Galactic War progress means in Helldivers 2
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20th Feb 2024 15:31

If you've been helping the war effort by killing enemies and completing missions in Helldivers 2, you've probably noticed the Galactic War progress and the different liberation percentages on planets.

Galactic War progress is an over-arching mechanic in the game, and it's essential to the overall experience. But what exactly is it, and how do you contribute to it? 

What is Galactic War progress?

Galactic War progress is essentially a way to show you how much progress the game's players are making towards certain objectives. 

Everyone can see the same progress, and everyone can contribute to it through missions. However, leaving missions or failing to complete them will set back the progress.

Once enough progress has been made, all players will earn benefits including access to new sectors. I recommend completing Major Orders to get the rewards and help progress whatever planets need the most assistance.

How do you add to Galactic War progress?

Galactic War progress in the war table in Helldivers 2
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Every mission you and other Helldivers 2 players complete contributes towards "liberating" planets. Doing missions on those planets will get you closer to liberating it.

Once liberated, that planet closes and a new one will open. All missions completed and all planets liberated will add to the Galactic War progress.

As Helldivers 2 is an online-only live service game, it tracks all progress made by all players. It's not just you and your friends that will be tracked, but the whole community.

Once the player base has collectively completed enough missions on one planet, everyone makes the same progress and unlocks the new sectors. It's a pretty cool system that rewards all players for getting involved!

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