Best Automaton loadout in Helldivers 2, from weapons to Stratagems

Best Automaton loadout in Helldivers 2, from weapons to Stratagems
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Tarran Stockton


15th Apr 2024 14:10

Automatons are the scary robot faction in Helldivers 2, and while they may strike fear in your heart with their creepy chants and proclivity for mutilation, using the best weapons and Stratagems for your loadout will see you easily paint the map with their circuitry.

Best Automaton loadout


  • Primary: R-63 Diligence
  • Secondary: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-12 High Explosive

Starting with the primary, the R-63 Diligence is a great choice against the Automatons due to its precision. I've found it's the best way to deal with the Trooper and Devastator class enemies, as the scope and accuracy make hitting their heads much easier. 

Image of the Automaton loadout's weapons in Helldivers 2
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Much like with the Terminid loadout, the P-19 Redeemer makes for elite crowd control and is one of the strongest secondaries you can buy. You could also swap it out for the GP-31 Grenade Pistol if you want more explosives and versatility when dealing with Automaton Fabricators.


  • Stratagem 1: Quasar Cannon
  • Stratagem 2: Eagle Airstrike
  • Stratagem 3: Orbital Laser
  • Stratagem 4: EMS Mortar Sentry

For your support weapon, I recommend the recently added Quasar Cannon against Automatons. It comes with unlimited ammo and packs a big punch when you fire off a shot, allowing you to deal with all the tougher enemies, and take out Fabricators.

The Eagle Airstrike is your crowd control Stratagem for taking out the normal enemies when they pile up. It can destroy a full patrol in one if you manage to get the right angle when throwing it, and makes for a good way to clean out a base before running in.

The Orbital Laser is once again something I strongly recommend for any loadout. While it only has three uses, it can deal with many of the tougher bots easily when you're fighting off a horde, giving you room to clear the smaller enemies.

Screenshot of the best Automaton loadout Stratagems in Helldivers 2
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Finally, the EMS Mortar Sentry remains just as strong against bots as it does the bugs. You can slow down and stun many of the bots when defending an objective, and immobilise them to make the most of your weapons and Stratagems. It's a solid choice every time.


Armour is more about personal preference, but I've found that heavy armour shines against bots due to the damage output they have. Considering they're ranged, you also can't just run away as easily, making light armour much less effective on the whole.

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