How to fix the 'Defrosting Helldiver' issue in Helldivers 2

How to fix the 'Defrosting Helldiver' issue in Helldivers 2
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Ben Williams


20th Feb 2024 15:56

With the huge success of Helldivers 2, the 'Defrosting Helldiver' issue, which has had players stuck on the loading screen, now has many looking for a fix. Like our advice on fixing the black screen issue, my fix below will get you back to playing the game in no time.

How to fix the 'Defrosting Helldiver' issue 

Although the issue is caused by the Helldivers 2 servers being overloaded with eager players beyond capacity, there are still some key fixes you can try just in case the problem lies on your end:

  • Verifying the game's files (Steam only) - fixing any issues within Helldivers 2's installed files
    • In the game's Steam menu, select "Installed Files"
    • Select "Verify integrity of game files"
    • Wait for several minutes for the fix to complete
  • Switch off your VPN - as VPNs can prevent your system's ability from reaching some servers
  • Restart Helldivers 2 or your console/PC - initially a longshot if all is working, but some have reported getting through after one or several attempts
  • Reset your internet connection - sometimes, your network speed can unpredictably drop, so restarting your router can get you back the higher speed you need to get on the server
  • Make sure Helldivers 2 is updated - exit the game and check for any new patches on your console or PC, as you'll otherwise be unable to play if it's not installed

The "Defrosting Helldiver" loading screen error issue in Helldivers 2
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If none of the above fixes resolve the 'Defrosting Helldiver' issue, you should visit the developer Arrowhead Studios' support site for Helldivers 2 and either submit a request or keep up to date on the newest patch notes and reports on known issues. 

At the time of writing, the Helldivers 2 Deputy Game Director, Sagar Beroshi, has published a new post stating they're already aware of major issues affecting the game and that they "are going to make this right".

So, I'm certain these server issues will all be resolved eventually with the team being upfront and proactive. We just might need a little patience.

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