All Helldivers 2 ship name combinations & how to change it

All Helldivers 2 ship name combinations & how to change it
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Morgan Truder

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27th Feb 2024 17:09

One of the first things you do in Helldivers 2 is decide the name of your ship, but that comes before you’ve actually had a chance to experience any of the game.

Your ship is where you will be spending a lot of time when you’re not on missions fighting bugs and robots. The ship is also where you can change your weapons, Stratagems and choose what mission you want to take on next in the name of democracy.

The available ship names are from a pre-selected list and are very tongue-in-cheek - so you may want to change the name once you have a better idea of the game's humour. 

Renaming your ship in Helldivers 2 explained 

Helldivers 2 ship names
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Before renaming your ship, you will need to complete the tutorial and one mission. Once you have completed the mission, you are free to change the name. Here are the steps to follow to rename your ship: 

  • Walk over to your Ship Management computer opposite your ship entrance 
  • Now go to the Destroyer option 
  • On the right-hand side, there will be a button prompt to change the name 
  • Now you can rename your ship

If later on you decide you’re bored with the name, then you can change the name whenever you want, unlimited times. At the moment I’ve opted for the Courier of Audacity, however, there are plenty of great names you can choose from even though you can't completely customise it.

All ship name options 

The ship naming function works by combining part one with part two to create a variety of different names. You'll see the name pop up whenever you're on your ship or loading into the game, so it's worth finding something you like. Here are all the different options.

Ship name part 1  Part 2
Adjudicator  of Allegiance 
Advocate  of Audactiy 
Aegis of Battle 
Agent of Benevolence
Arbiter of Conquest
Banner of Conviction
Beacon of Conviviality
Blade of Courage 
Bringer of Dawn
Champion of Democracy
Citizen of Destiny 
Claw of Destruction
Colossus  of Determination
Comptroller of Equality
Courier of Eternity
Custodian of Family Values
Dawn of Fortitude
Defender of Freedom
Diamond of Glory
Distributor of Honour
Dream of Humankind
Elected Representative of Independence
Emperor  of Individual Merit
Executor  of Integrity
Eye of Iron
Father of Judgement
Fist of Justice
Flame of Law
Force of Liberty 
Forerunner of Mercy
Founding Father of Midnight
Gauntlet  of Morality
Giant  of Morning 
Guardian of Opportunity
Halo of Patriotism 
Hammer of Peace 
Harbinger of Perseverance
Herald of Pride
Judge  of Redemption
Keeper of Science 
King of Self Determination 
Knight of Selfless Service
Lady of Serenity
Legislator of Starlight
Leviathan of Steel
Light of Super Earth
Lord of Supremacy 
Magistrate of the Constitution
Martyr of the People
Mirror of the Regime 
Mother of the Stars
Octagon of Truth
Ombudsman of Twilight
Panther of Victory
Paragon of Vigilance 
Patriot of War
Pledge of Wrath 
Power -
Precursor -
Pride -
Prince -
Princess -
Progenitor -
Prophet -
Protector -
Purveyor -
Queen -
Ranger -
Reign -
Representative  -
Senator -
Sentinel -
Shield -
Soldier -
Song -
Soul -
Sovereign -
Spear -
Stallion -
Star -
Steward -
Superintendent -
Sword -
Titan -
Triumph -
Warrior -
Whisper -
Will -
Wings -

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That is all you need to know about changing your ship name in Helldivers 2. If you’re looking for more guides then check out our Helldivers homepage where we have already explained how to unlock boosters, how to farm samples and more. 

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