What's in the Democratic Detonation Warbond for Helldivers 2?

What's in the Democratic Detonation Warbond for Helldivers 2?
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Tarran Stockton & Ben Williams

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11th Apr 2024 14:25

The second post-launch Warbond for Helldivers 2, Democratic Detonation, is finally here - bringing some more explosive firepower to the hands of divers.

Eschewing the typical battle pass systems of contemporary multiplayer games, Helldivers 2 opts for Warbonds that let you pick your rewards as you work through them. Plus, they never disappear, so you can still earn them even a year from now.

So if you want to learn more about the latest Democratic Detonation Warbond in the game, check out its contents that you can begin to use right now.

What's in the Democratic Detonation Warbond?

Page 1 

  • 100 SC (Seven Medals)
  • Squat Victory Pose (Eight Medals)
  • Harbinger If True Equality Player Card (Two Medals)
  • Harbinger If True Cape (Eight Medals)
  • G123 Thermite - (15 Medals)
  • CE-27 Ground Breaker Body Armour
  • CE-27 Helmet (18 Medals)
  • BR-14 Adjudicator Rifle (20 Medals)

Page 2 

  • Eagle's Fury Player Card (Five Medals)
  • Eagle's Fury cape (20 Medals)
  • CE-07 Demolition armour (45 Medals)
  • CE-07 Demolition helmet (35 Medals)
  • Expert Extraction Booster (55 Medals)
  • R-36 Eruptor Rifle (60 Medals)
  • 100 SC (12 Medals)
  • Courtly Bow Victory Pose (15 Medals)

Page 3 

  • Boxer Victory Pose (32 Medals)
  • FS-55 Devastator Body Armour (64 Medals)
  • FS-55 Devastator Helmet (48 Medals
  • Freedom's Tapestry Cape (30 Medals)
  • Freedom's Tapestry Player Card (16 Medals)
  • GP-31 Grenade Pistol (60 Medals)
  • 100 SC (32 Medals)
  • CB-9 Exploding crossbow (80 Medals)


Page 1 of the Democratic Detonation Warbond in Helldivers 2
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Overall, the Democratic Detonation packs plenty to unlock. Including three primary weapons, three utilities, and three sets of body armour and helmets, I'd say this is more than worth the 1000 Super Credits investment. 

While a lot of Medals are required to unlock everything, like in the Cutting Edge Warbond, there's no time limit - meaning you won't need to rush.

How to get the Democratic Detonation Warbond

With the Democratic Detonation Warbond already available in Helldivers 2, you just need to go to the Acquisition Center and then the "Warbonds" tab to get it.

Whilst you can gain the 1000 Super Credits necessary to unlock it by progressing through higher tiers in Helldivers Mobilize or looting them in main story missions, you can also buy the whole amount at the Acquisition Center for $9.99/£7.99.  

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