Best weapons in Helldivers 2, tier list for early & late game unlocks

Best weapons in Helldivers 2, tier list for early & late game unlocks
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You can't spread liberty and freedom across the stars in Helldivers 2 without a bunch of deadly weapons, so you may want to know exactly which pieces of equipment you should be using on higher difficulties.

The game is a third-person squad shooter where you drop into planets to take on hordes of enemies and complete various objectives. Lead, lasers, and explosives are all you really need to achieve your goals - and there's plenty of them to unlock.

That said, not all guns are created equally in this game, so I've put together a tier list ranking my favourites at the top, and the ones not worth bothering with at the bottom. After all, how else will we spread freedom across the galaxy?!

Best weapons tier list

Tier Weapon name

SG-225 Breaker, RX-1 Rail Gun,PLAS-1 Scorcher


AR-19 Liberator, MG-105 Stalwart, AR-22C Patriot


SMG-45 Defender, MP-98 Knight SMG, SMG-34 Ninja, LHO-63 Camper, AR-20L Justice


DBS-3 Double Freedom,CR-9 Suppressor, PLAS-1 Scorcher, M2016 Constitution, P-6 Gunslinger, AR-14D Paragon


SG-8 Punisher, P-2 Peacemaker, P-6 Gunslinger

We have not included Stratagems in the above list because they're almost in a league of their own, but make sure to check out our Stratagem tier list to see how we rank them.

Like with all online games, there will no doubt be new weapons introduced over time and changes made to previous weapons - for that reason we will keep the above table updated regularly. 

How to unlock more weapons

Medals in Helldivers 2
Click to enlarge

Unlocking new weapons in Helldivers 2 requires you to spend Medals on your chosen item in the Warbonds menu.

To access the War Bonds menu, follow these steps:

  • From your ship, press R on the keyboard or Square on PlayStation to enter the 'Acquisition Centre'
  • Select 'Warbonds'
  • Pick a Warbond (Helldivers Mobilise! and Steeled Veterans are the only ones currently available)
  • In this new menu, choose an item you want to unlock and spend the necessary Medals

As you complete more pages on the Warbonds menu, you can begin to access more weapons and other items like cosmetics. Each new page also requires a specific amount of Medals to have been spent first.

As I said above, Medals are a key part in the process of acquiring new weapons, and to get them you just need to keep playing the game.

Completing Operations, individual missions, and Orders will reward you with plenty of Medals consistently. Higher difficulty levels also reward you more of them.

How to change Primary and Secondary weapons 

You can pick up weapons when out on missions by pressing the button prompt on the screen, but to change your loadout you will have to do it before you begin your task. Follow the steps below to find out how:

  • Once on your ship, go to the Armoury section of the ship which is on the left in the middle
  • Once Armoury is open, go to the Weaponry tab 
  • Here you will find the Primary and Secondary weapons options - select the one you wish to change 
  • Now a list of weapons will appear, simply choose which one you want to equip and away you go

To switch between your Primary and Secondary weapons during a mission you just have to press Triangle on the PS5. PC 1 is your Primary weapon and 2 is your Secondary

Full weapons list

Standard weapons

the loadout screen in Helldivers 2
Click to enlarge

The following weapons can be equipped for your character before you enter into combat:


  • P-2 Peacemaker
  • P-6 Gunslinger
  • FLAM-24 Pyro
  • PLAS-3 Singe

Assault Rifles

  • AR-19 Liberator
  • AR-22C Patriot
  • AR-20L Justice
  • AR-14D Paragon


  • MG-105 Stalwart


  • SG-225 Breaker
  • SG-8 Punisher
  • DBS-3 Double Freedom


  • SMG-45 Defender
  • MP-98 Knight SMG
  • SMG-34 Ninja


  • LHO-63 Camper
  • RX-1 Rail Gun
  • M2016 Constitution


  • CR-9 Suppressor
  • PLAS-1 Scorcher

Laser Tech

  • LAS-5 Scythe
  • LAS-16 Sickle
  • LAS-12 Tanto
  • LAS-13 Trident

Arc Tech

  • AC-3 Arc Thrower
  • AC-5 Arc Shotgun


  • Saber


  • Fragmentation Grenade
  • Stun Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade

Heavy weapons

the squad loadout screen in Helldivers 2
Click to enlarge

These weapons are considered to be Heavy, meaning they can only be used by equipping them as Stratagems and calling them down during a mission:


  • MG-94 Machine Gun
  • MGX-42 Machine Gun
  • AC-22 Dum-Dum
  • LAS-98 Laser Cannon

Incendiary / Chemical

  • FLAM-40 Incinerator
  • TOX-13 Avenger


  • Obliterator Grenade Launcher
  • MLS-4X Commando


  • RL-112 Recoilless Rifle
  • EAT-17
  • REC-6 Demolisher
  • M-25 Rumbler


  • REP-80
  • ME-1 Sniffer Metal Detector

More guns are likely to be added to the game with future updates and seasons, so we'll make sure to keep this up-to-date with all the latest weaponry.

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